I'm done with school...yay!

I have to be an adult!

And although I might be going up the Yolo Causeway...I'll still be addicted to the Wiki.

Things to do before I leave Davis (in no particular order):

-Buy a Farmer's Market t-shirt or tote bag
-Perform well at Trivia Night
-Eat at Thai Nakorn to have eaten at ALL of the Thai Restaurants in Davis
-Have a midnight rendezvous in the Arboretum (oh stop thinking dirrrty)
-Go to the Dominoes one last time
-Play in the Big Kids Park one last time
-Play sloshball
-Stargazing on the roof
-Buy lamb from the Meat Lab
-One last "dance" to Cold Shot

...and I'm sure there are more things to add.

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06-30-06 23:59:59 Karla, I haven't began my time at Davis yet, but I too am addicted to DavisWiki and check it many times throughout the day. So now, when you next check'll get to see that your OWN page has received a hit :) —BobbyGray
I leave that comment just as you remove the part about being addicted from your page....well anyway, good luck with your to-do list. —BobbyGray

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