I'm Ken Neville. Huzzah. I worked at Ken's Bike & Ski for almost three years. I've lived here on and off since sixth grade (minus a few years for school and such), so I like to think I know my way around this place pretty well. Hopefully I'll add some useful stuff to this wiki! (Wow, I moved back to San Jose in September 2005... oh well.)

I don't work at Ken's anymore, so please don't expect that page to get updated much by me anymore! :(

Here is a small picture of me using my webcam as a shaving mirror. Glad you stopped by.

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Ken would like the Ben & Jerry's flavor Chubby Hubby. Because he likes peanut-butter-filled pretzels. - RobRoy

I have known this guy for like 10 years, he is a good guy to know in Davis cuz he's got it wired! If you see him out and about give him a 'howzit bra' for me. Ski your brains out his year! Aloha. - scotty nugs

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