Keep in mind that I completely, blindly, Davis. Forever.

Enough so that I convinced the most wonderful

in the world to move here with me.

My favorite things in Davis are:

My favorite dwiki pages are:

Bike Commute Month miles logged:

Big Thank Yous to a few of our wonderful local organizations and businesses, without which I could not have finally built my fixie baby: the Bike Church (for providing roughly 80% of the parts and general awesomeness), APEX (for the cog and some really really helpful advice), Ken's Bike & Ski (for tire, tube, and—most importantly—being the place I could turn to for the stupid, seemingly unique bottom bracket tool I needed).

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2007-05-05 11:32:52   hey kevin, thanks for adding to the events page. —JessicaRockwell

2007-05-09 15:49:20   Hi kev! Glad to seer that you're "really on the wiki" now —MyaBrn

2007-06-09 06:43:14   Thanks for the unicode. —DavidPoole

2007-06-10 23:40:57  

% ./dwrevert.csh KevinChin 
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KevinChin       96      1               1.04167

2007-07-03 23:37:44   yay for creating a page on The Davis Song! —JessicaRockwell

2007-07-03 23:54:55   Yes! the Davis song's pretty tight but more importantly I Wish I Was a TV is my personal favorite song of the moment. —JasonDunne

2007-07-14 21:18:19   Hey Kevin - I've really been focused on the basic structure. I'm trying to make it more intuitive, but I'm not sure if its working. I've been doing the previewing, but then I always find something else... and then take off on another tangent. I'll try to get it all into single (or fewer) edits. Please take a look at the main page. I took some hints from DavisWiki, but have changed a lot of that now. Thank you for your comments. —steadyfrank

2007-07-16 08:29:06   It is one of the best multi's of Davis... It starts in Davis doesn't it? And then it wonderfully takes you away! he he. —WesHardaker

2007-07-24 19:38:56   Hah. I was uploading the photo as you were working on the old one. It was confusing at first when I went to preview! —RobinLaughlin

2007-08-02 13:57:24   I am of the opinion that all of dickjones' edits should be undone. I remove those I think I can get away with. —WilliamLewis

2007-08-06 14:06:28   The map will show all points for the page and then up to 15 nearby points. Were you seeing too few points on the map, or was it maxing out at 15? —PhilipNeustrom

2007-08-19 20:43:18   Bad move redirecting the Arnold page. It's laced with Davis perspective. —WilliamLewis

2007-08-19 20:47:30   Concurrency isn't an issue. SacWiki and DavisWiki are two separate projects. There is nothing that says the two pages have to be the same. In fact, they should not. SacWiki readers probably won't care about what Aaaahhhhnold has done in Davis. DavisWiki readers probably won't care about Aaaahhhhhnold's interaction with the city government. Each page should have the appropriate community perspective. —WilliamLewis

2007-08-22 22:41:41   >_< I have tainted donuts in... MPG... it's 82 mb... right now... I'm staring at it thru spacemonger —StevenDaubert

P.S. yeah it's a classic for sure, and it's smooth editing... Have you seen SuberunkerStudeosh-Football?

2007-08-23 11:26:02   HEY! Thanks for the 'Tainted Donuts' vid! It was AWESOME! lol. Very good editing —ArianeMetz

2007-08-25 19:26:19   Hello Kevin, I was unaware I could create a page here on Wiki until today, thank you for commenting to Samantha about my lack there of, now I know I can. My comments about Spa Central aren't angry, though I'll agree they're bitting, but everything I said is true. I know first hand what kind of person the owner is and how she treats her employees, and not just myself. I could have gone on for pages, I kept a log of how I was mistreated after the receptionist repeatedly over-scheduled me, keeping me from being able to pump milk for my daughter. They were investigated not only for not having Work Comp Insurance but also, and unrelated to me, for denying employee breaks. Please do not hold against me the fact that I feel strongly enough to write my negative opinion of Spa Central, I have other possitive opinions about the Davis community, and they are expressed on CitySearch, I didn't even know Davis Wiki exsisted until a friend sent me Spa Central's Wiki Link. You might feel the same way I do if you had worked at Spa Central and been treated the way I was. ~Namaste~ —ElisaWeller

2007-09-28   You're more than welcome to publish the bike loop as a route for If you want a list of available caches, try this:

# geoqo -s '(set:import:mine||set:import:near me||tag:found)&&cache:archived==False&&track:track.whole.gpx,30' -m track:track.whole.gpx -d 'list:%{2:count} %{7.7:ident} %{5.5:trkptdist} %{urlname}' 
1  GCJ491  107.0 O where art thou (Yamar's unusual #2)
2  GC11EDR 27.93 Invisible Kids Cache
3  GC13X7H 149.7 Backwards
4  GCK8WC  697.2 ChestNut Park
5  GCR5PR  105.8 The End of My Walks
6  GC124B2 113.8 Jr High School Math
7  GCT1MB  357.7 38 MPH Pitch
8  GC1450D 244.0 The Loneliness of Integrity
9  GC14Y05 440.2 Davis - A Bike-Friendly Town
10 GC12P6G 730.9 Friends of the Arboretum
11 GCKBJZ  487.8 Ag 6: Field Crops of the World
12 GC98CD  90.08 Davis Stonehenge
13 GCB9B4  466.9 Try Hard to Get Ahead
14 GCKBJA  117.7 Ag 0: California Agriculture
15 GCPHQ4  349.2 The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal
16 GC9CE0  537.2 Redwood  Bridge
17 GCZXAZ  64.99 Solano Park
18 GC10Z28 84.96 Yamar's unusual #3: Inverted Cache II
19 GCRA9E  96.28 North Fork
20 GCZD2F  708.7 Oaks along I-80
21 GC11C95 119.6 Peace and Quiet
22 GCHKXP  14.63 Putah Parkway- Ol' Rusty
23 GCQZH1  160.1 Turnaround #3
24 GC105CB 37.48 Safe Happens
25 GC13FPY 402.2 Totally Tubular Too
26 GCJGRQ  36.52 Beneficial cache
27 GCXYN5  209.2 Putah Creek Park
28 GC14W1M 9.519 The Easter Hunt
29 GCR08A  143.8 Turnaround #1
30 GC1245Z 407.0 Almost a Diamond
31 GCM4TD  119.3 Bikeway to Heaven
32 GCW5K7  78.37 Obfuscation
33 GCWE32  96.77 SPORK
34 GCP5YP  85.83 Greenbelt  Hideaway
35 GC11127 397.4 Christmas Candy
36 GC11RZA 94.19 Wind in the Pines
37 GC119E7 609.4 Oxford Circle

(the third column is the distance from the path).


2007-11-19 18:20:14   Done. Though it's not "unusual". (too much). —WesHardaker

2008-12-04 12:38:13   Thanks for archiving the mystery pics! I was going to do it soon, but glad someone got on top of it =) —BrandonBarrette

2011-03-24 18:55:44   hey kevin! Long time no see...saw you riding bikes with your kids a couple weeks ago... —jsbmeb

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