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''2012-06-07 13:21:52'' [[nbsp]] You say that you aren't associated with Bowerbird. You do realize, though, that all of your edits are visible on the wiki? Such as [ this one], [ this one], [ this one], [ this one], and [ this one]. These all look like edits made by someone associated with Bowerbird -- not to mention [ this one]. --["Users/CovertProfessor"]

Describe Users/LWolk here.

2012-06-07 13:22:13   Also, IP address. —TheDrDonna

2012-06-07 13:52:49   You do understand the concept of "bullying", correct? —Davidlm

2012-06-07 15:01:49   All of my edits are from downtown Davis wi-fi hotspots around where my business is located no matter what your detective work accuses me of. —LWolk

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