Name: Lois Richter lrichter2003-B-180x200.jpg

long-time photographer

Mailing address: P.O. Box 7, Davis CA 95617-0007

Phone Number: (530) 758-5058


Personality?: ATC-KatieSketch#03.jpgKatie in my lap!

Personal History:

Current Passion: ATCs

Presentations, Teaching, Etc.: Upcoming Events
Being a docent for the Arboretum for about 20 years, I annually lead 2-6 tours. Different years, different topics. In January 2009, I did a presentation (slideshow, talk, and birdwalk) that drew the LARGEST group of participants I've ever had! The room was packed. (And so many folks said they regretted missing it, that I did a similar presentation at the Senior Center in March.)

Asked to repeat this topic for 2010, I present "Birds that Winter in the Arboretum" TWICE ... on October 17 and November 21.

For 2012, I scheduled "Birds in Davis" (a free slideshow & talk) BOTH at the Senior Center (Tuesday, 31 Jan) /and at Arb HQ Library (Sat., 4 Feb) with a birdwalk following the Saturday presentation. (All events free and public.) Then in 2013, I did another Arb presentation & birdwalk.

If you want info about my upcoming birding talks (or art workshops), please contact me by phone.


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2011-11-29 23:33:51   Thanks for your additions to the town history. Much appreciated! —ScottMeehleib

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