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2010-05-31 18:38:55   Welcome to the Wiki. I notice that your [WWW]first edit implied a relationship with the business that your second edit just appeared like a customer for. That might strike some people as sockpuppeting. You could establish some identity here to prevent that appearance. —JasonAller

2010-06-04 23:29:39   Hello Jason! For sure! I did the first edit a while back as a favor for Silvia to help her announce that she was moving locations! She is not to computer savvy so I offered to help. I am not quite sure how to navigate this whole thing but I am trying! LOL I somehow managed to disable my first account but I think I am getting a good grasp of this now! But anywho... Back to the post I am her customer tho! I think she is awesome, and I most definitely will update my info! Thanks for the comment!!! —LuisianaSalcido.

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