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2004-11-19 03:24:03   I'm sorry you didn't get elected. I voted for you. - RobRoy—— 2004-11-19 04:44:16   I voted for SOSSS, as well. - MikeIvanov——
2004-11-19 17:17:13   As did I. - AndreyGoder——
2004-11-20 11:03:23   I couldn't vote. But I was secretly pulling for you. - JaimeRaba——
2004-11-25 23:34:34   Me four! That means four out of five of our unbiased little sample here voted SOSS. I smell election fraud. It smells a bit like potpourri. Edit: Okay, where's it say how you sign comments? - RaghavKrishnapriyan

2004-11-25 23:40:57   There's a little 'comment box' on pages that include [[Comments]] in the text. Just makes it faster to add a quick comment. - PhilipNeustrom

2004-12-06 23:32:51   why must you do these things to me BibbleFoshizzle - BibbleFoshizzle

2005-01-20 10:39:58   The miromouse project is cool! Where exactly is it going to be at this year? —RodolfoHam-Zhu

2005-04-07 22:50:20   This year's competition will be located at the new Life Sciences Lecture Hall 123. The competition will begin at 12 PM and end at 3PM. —MarieHuynh

2005-08-20 11:01:29   you're right, she didn't have a tail —MichelleAccurso

2005-08-20 11:25:56   1) Yeah, I forget names too. 2) Who cares about the apathetic? 3) "still trying to figure out how to stop trying to improve things that are already good enough" — sounds like an engineer to me. You should have seen me and Dad trying to fix up my house to sell... —JeffreyNonken

2005-08-20 15:21:10   Was that you I shared my sausage with? Did you like it? Shall I bring two next month? —BlancheNonken

2005-11-23 14:24:14   Too bad we didn't know you were interested, I just got back from the SWRR meeting, which was great fun. Next time, though, I'll inform you. —JohnDudek

2005-12-25 02:29:03   Really? And how would you know? —AndrewBanta

2006-03-26 01:10:13   Hey, Marie! Are you going to Jill's corsetry workshop on Sunday? If so, please be ready to go by 10:45 this morning and I'll come pick you up. Email Barnabas your address to his aol account, or respond to my hotmail address, please. Thanks in advance. —JudithTruman

2006-07-15 10:45:56   can i get your email to contact you easier? I think the origami class would be cool, lets do it! —AllisonEriksen

2006-07-27 06:50:54   Becoming a Master Mason isn't that hard, assuming that you're male. Pretty much, there are three degrees you go through. These degrees contain lectures and other weird stuff. Before you can take the next degree, you need to memorise some stuff related to the last degree you went through. —WilliamLewis

2007-08-05 18:18:18   I like your photos, very very awesome.. A friend has something similar at his house... —StevenDaubert

2008-03-06 21:30:13   Beautiful work on Etsy! —JabberWokky

2008-03-10 01:26:56   Thanks, JabberWokky! —MarieHuynh

2008-07-19 22:02:41   dear god IEEE has a club?

should have figured, but still... —StevenDaubert

2008-09-17 01:20:57   How were you able to take classes at UC Berkeley while in high school,
upper division as a freshman at UC Davis, and
graduate classes as an undergrad? —ThanhVu

2009-10-28 04:27:57   Whatever happened to Bink and Pralo's eggs? —JabberWokky

2010-08-29 17:35:06   Hah, perhaps I should have been more clear. I meant to ask something more on the lines of 'how were you able' to take those classes, i.e. how did the bureaucracy allow you to skip ahead like that. —ThanhVu

2014-08-28 07:57:37   Hi! :) I just want you's ta change "The Used Phone Store" from OUT OF BUSINESS to way "IN BUSINESS," because they R!!! :) Thanks! :) —skywords

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