Matthew Frantz

personpicture.jpgFlashing the [wikipedia]shocker on the beach with a 10 year old

Nickname: Willow

Matt Frantz is currently switching majors from Computer Science to a double major in Economics and Film Studies. A movie lover, music obsessor, and ice cream fanatic, he enjoys any event that involves one or a combination of any of the aforementioned.

Some things you might not know about Matt:

Assorted Pictures

personpicture1.jpgMatt and Lee at the Wendy's drive-thrupersonpicture2.jpgMatt and Dan doin it up at this random guy's New Years party.personpicture3.jpgMatt and a random guy posing at an AGR party, Matt had no idea he was there.sick.jpgThis is Matt...nuf said.

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2005-05-23 22:44:02   sucker. —GeorgeLewis

2006-01-29 19:25:44   *cough* future crew leader *cough* —NickFranklin

2006-02-17 10:14:55   bullshit —MattFrantz

2007-09-17 16:27:11   Wineboarding, son! Wineboarding! —BrianLum

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