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For detailed information about my research see [WWW]My Cornell Webpage

Hello, fellow wikians, my name is Matt and I am a major Davis Foodie. My favorite activities include eating at all the various restaurants in Yolo region. For a list of the way I rank all the Davis restaurants (well the ones ive been to, which is about 98% of them) see Matt's Restaurant Rankings.

I just graduated from UC Davis and TAed for a course on Chaos and Fractals in the summer of 2008 at UC [santacruz]SantaCruz. I am currently in graduate school at [ithaca]Cornell University in [ithaca]Ithaca, NY. I almost satisfied my goal of trying all the restaurants in town.

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Hometown: Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley), CA
Resided for 3 years at: university square apartments (3rd & J)

School stuff: I graduated from UC Davis in June 2008 earning a B.S. in Applied Mathematics, with a minor in Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity. While at Davis I served as a tutor and tutor trainer for the Learning Skills Center, a researcher and mentor for the CLIMB program, and an undergraduate representative for the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. During graduation i received the UC Davis University Medal. Courses I took while at Davis included these (you can look at this just in case you'd like academic advice or would like to strike up an academic conversation with me. By the way, especially strike up an academic conversation with me if the topic is completely unrelated to any course i took :). )

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2006-06-07 18:24:19   Yes, that was indeed me TAing for the geometry class. I apologize if my grading was a bit harsher than Dr. Gee had intended or than you were expecting, but I'm very glad to hear that my comments made a difference—in the long run, learning's more important than grades anyway. As for folding paper in a curve—it's a bit difficult to describe without actually showing you, but the basic idea is that instead of holding the corner in place while you crease the bend, you slide said corner slowly across the page. In general, the crease line is perpendicular to the segment from the corner's original position to the corner's new position, but if the corner is moving, then said perpendicular is continuously changing direction, so you get a curve instead of a straight line! —BarnabasTruman

2006-10-02 14:54:44   My name is D.J. and I am a senior at Davis Senior High School. I am taking Journalism 1 and we have to do an in-depth article. My topic is the red light cameras put up in Davis at select intersections. I saw your opinion that you posted about the cameras and I was wondering if I could quote you. I doubt my article will get into the school newspaper but if it were selected, I would ask you first. If I can quote you, I would need your full last name. Thanks, D.J. —DaAg

2006-11-06 18:20:46   Math 23? Well, not officially; it was more of a Discordian joke. Note the professor listed on [WWW]the course website. I do offer cheap tutoring in numerology for interested parties though. —BarnabasTruman

2007-01-14 16:33:29   hello matt....village bakery employee here just reporting in: we do still love you...sorry there wasnt enough bread yesterday. —LexiHudson

2007-02-24 12:00:44   Is there a Xebra in town, or is this just an advertising link? They don't seem to be available for sale yet. —JabberWokky

2007-02-24 18:45:29   Are you sure it wasn't the Little Green Electric Car that's often parked there? —JabberWokky

2007-02-25 10:36:55   Cool. If you spot it again (thus semi-confirming it's a local car), it should probably get an entry to itself, if for no other reason than to add a photo request. —JabberWokky

2007-03-01 23:58:19   Matt I want to invite you to my restaurant, It's called Ono Teriyaki. We serve Hawaiian and Japanese Food. Our address is 10 N East ST in woodland. Email me at and I can send you a menu. —RobertTaura

2007-03-21 12:09:35   Kaveri used to be a lot better, it's gone downhill from its peak. Slightly better than anything in Davis, but nothing compared to the Bay Area. By the way, what's Math 108 like? It's a required course for CS majors, so I have to take it. —TusharRawat

2007-03-21 23:06:38   Thanks, Matt! I already turned in my application, actually, so maybe I'll see you next year. Will you still be affiliated with CLIMB? I didn't know about the seminars counting as restricted electives. I knew that BIS 132 counted, but if more of the classes count then that'd be really nice. I'm watching my units so I don't go over. —NumiaCairaguas

2007-03-23 09:57:46   Howdy, Matt. I zipped through your reviews and did a bit of spelling fixes. I know this is your personal entry, I just saw you had done some fixes recently, and figured I'd lend a hand. Feel free to revert, it was intended as a friendly assist. —JabberWokky

2007-04-05 11:59:21   Matt, were you in Stone's again today at lunch? —DavidGrundler

2007-04-09 17:47:27   Hello, Matt. I was wondering what the CLIMB application interviews are like, do you think you could give me a heads-up. My e-mail is tsrawat AT ucdavis DOT edu —TusharRawat

2007-04-19 08:52:31   Hi, Matt. I just looked at BryceHathaway's page and saw your request to use our photo of the CLIMB room window. You're welcome to use it on the CLIMB page. —RebeccaWan

2007-05-20 22:08:56   Thanks! :) —NumiaCairaguas

2007-05-22 22:47:20   Thanks! —TusharRawat

2007-08-30 18:28:59   I think you and I just conflicted with the same edit. I believe... I did a revert at the same time you did an edit, which does not show edit conflicts. I though the revert didn't work, so I repeated it again, which then seemed to work. I was trying to remove the "or not", and your comment (which would thus be no longer applicable), and refix the leeway issue that CovertProfessor caught. Regardless, I did the initial edit and was iffy about it at the time (I don't recall why, and I wouldn't do it now), and I retracted it. You're right — it winds up being wordy and wishy-washy. —JabberWokky

2007-09-21 23:51:15   I'm not sure what happened to the file, but my undergraduate thesis is now working properly, in case you have a semi-masochistic desire to delve into it. : ) —AaronRosenberg

2007-09-30 23:04:03   Hey, Matt. There is an easy way to get to the Yolo Fruit Stand from westbound I80 coming from West Sac. See direction additions to their page. —robinlaughlin

2007-11-12 17:26:19   Thanks, it was my #1 choice of school/program. I'm lovin it! —KarlMogel

2007-11-26 10:15:35   Hey, Matt. I don't check my personal web page very often, so I just now read your message. I'm tickled, actually, that you wanted to use our photograph of the flamingoes and am happy that you credited Rebecca and me as the photographers. —BryceHathaway

2007-12-26 22:54:55   For what it is worth (and you may well know this already, so feel free to disregard this), "sweet onions" are actually a type of onion, not a description. Sort of like how red onions aren't actually red, but are actually purple. Sweet onions (like Vidalia and Maui) are a bit sweeter and have a different texture, but still have a sharpness and bite to them when raw. They roast quite a bit differently. —JabberWokky

2008-01-05 01:00:04   The power outage entry is a friggin' awesome idea... I renamed the stub, fleshed it out a bit and added it to the front page as a community alert. —JabberWokky

2008-03-23 10:28:56   can you give a citation or something about sugar not giving quick energy? that's a pretty popular piece of (folk?) wisdom you're arguing against —CraigBrozinsky

2008-03-25 16:43:25   Howdy Matt! Spanks for the soup compliment. Your restaurant page is amaaazing. You're not messing around calling yourself a major Davis Foodie. Yes, I hope to see ya sometime this summer at the stand but if I'm not there, I'd like to, in advance, recommend the Kaffir Limemade (layers of lime flavor with a creamy smoothness) or the Mint Arnold Palmer (minty, refreshing, and clean on the palate) for your first pop! —PopsicleGirl

2008-03-31 17:48:59   I'm really glad you enjoyed my suggestion! I always suggest things to friends but I worry it won't transfer because of the subjectivity of taste. Despite that, I think the cheese is a decent and moderately priced deal at Tuco's (especially if you're going with 3-4 people. The portions on the small plates will not be enough to be made into a meal mind you, but try the Lamb Meatballs or the Carrot Chachapas. For Larger Plates I like Bison Tenderloin or the Feijoada. It seems they've changed the menu around a bit and I haven't been in a 2-3 months so there's plenty that may be good or bad I don't have an opinion on. —AlvinTsao

2008-03-31 18:19:41   haha, I was voting when you sent me the message. I had to add a lot of businesses to some categories I don't know if that changes anyones votes. I know it's subjective but god help me if Hunan wins best Chinese. —AlvinTsao

2008-04-13 02:03:26   Thanks for adding to the Nutritional Science page and fixing my assumption gone wrong. Do you visit the undergrad room in MSB often, cause you look very familiar. —BrandonBarrette

2008-04-21 14:05:50   Sorry for the late reply... yes, I am missing Kabul, too. I feel the same way — should have gone there more often. And there is (or is going to be?) a Japanese restaurant there? Don't get me wrong, I love Japanese food, but I can't see where this town needs another Japanese restaurant. —CovertProfessor

2008-05-02 20:26:00   hey, sorry to be a wikistalker but what did you think of the CLIMB program, if you don't mind me asking? p.s., i love your restaurant ranking page. i mostly agree out of the ones i've been to and can now use it in the future to find good restaurants. —MiranPark

2008-05-04 21:13:57   thanks for your input. i'm actually a physics major, but dr. hom said she's found ways to accommodate me into the program if i'm accepted. it seems pretty relevant and i feel like i'll be able to take a lot away from it since i want to go to grad school in biophysics or computational biology or something. again, thanks. if you're not busy is there any way you could give me a general outline of how many hours it is per week each quarter? i understand there are certain classes you have to take but other than that i'm not sure how much of a time commitment it is. —MiranPark

2008-05-05 00:45:27   thanks for the heads up. if i do get accepted and additionally participate in climb i'll be sure to only take my physics core classes. thanks again. —MiranPark

2008-05-16 02:28:42   hiya matt, just saw your village bakery ques, the list also refers to vendors i use for my brunch items as well. i use their ciabatta rolls, baguettes, and sliced bread for my sammiches. but maybe one day i'll sneak some sticky buns in the pops... —PopsicleGirl

2008-06-08 19:19:50   Thanks for the input, Matt. I've always needed to work on my stage presence and presentation. Sue Greenwald talked to me the other day at Farmer's Market about how I was pretty much dead-on with the issues during the campaign (especially since I was not an incumbent so I did not have as easy of access to a lot of the info and I had no one coaching me or helping with my literature) but she thinks joining Toast Masters would do me well because I'm rather rough around the edges when it comes to public speaking. I'm sorry that influenced your decision but I can only promise you that I'll work to improve my presentation. —RobRoy

"2008-06-16 21:08:00"   I appreciate your taking the initiative on deleting that page—it was zugzwang for both parties. —ZN

2008-06-21 07:01:43   Just read your comments about Red Orchid (I was there on opening day). I totally agree with your review, isn't it frustrating how Davis can't get a decent Dim Sum place with an actual Dim Sum menu outside of the frozen aisle section? Shabu Shabu was decent though (but if you want the best stuff get one of the machines and do it up yourself with an Asian friend). —AlvinTsao

2008-06-26 23:18:36   Thanks for adding my comment box, you'd think someone who knows HTML would be able to figure out Wiki a little quicker but apparently not... lol anyway, because of your page I'm aware of the new dim sum/shabu shabu place in Davis. I'm not expecting a lot (I unfairly compare dim sum to San Francisco, and shabu shabu to Japan itself) but I'll be trying it anyway now that I'm aware of it's existance! Great restaurant reviews too... El Paisano Taco Truck and New Canton look like my next stops, gas money allowing... —SRB

2008-08-12 14:11:56   You might want to consider the discussion going on at Chipotle/Talk. Also, McDonalds is not MacDonalds. —JabberWokky

2008-11-18 11:50:28   How about expanding on that? —Zabadu

2010-10-22 07:12:16   Neat sounding research! —JabberWokky

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