Matthew Low is alumnus of UC Davis. He currently teaches math at several community colleges in the Sacramento area.

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2006-09-17 18:59:37   Hi Matt! —EfremRensi

2006-11-12 19:54:47   Well, well, well, look what the wiki dragged in. Hey Matt! —LarinLucero

2007-04-01 21:27:07   Your'e one of my TA's this quarter :) —MattHh

2007-08-24 18:19:39   Do all the signs say that? The street is named after Jacob LaRue. Interestingly, there's also a LaRue Way (written that way). —PhilipNeustrom

2008-04-17 07:21:19   are you leaving davis or are you just switching apartments. Davis cant afford to lose its super coolest grad student :) —MattHh

2011-08-28 17:04:23   Hey, I moved the stuff about Frank back onto the Olive Drive Barber entry because it seems pretty short and is basically just a history section. I'd agree that it would make sense on a separate entry if there were a ton of reviews, but the whole thing takes up one short section and is directly relevant to the history of the shop, so it makes more sense there. Plus there seems to be a few people who also want Frank's history there mentioned. If there's a reason to pop it out that I'm missing, feel free to make it clear. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2011-08-28 19:19:53   Eh, I dunno. It makes it seem more like a business listing than a community celebration of the topic to omit people's views on somebody who was there for four decades. It's a soft and squishy thing: Frank was a part of the community for a long time in a particular position, so it seems like there should be prominent recognition of that. —JabberWokky

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