The Individual
Species: Subgraduatera vulgaris
Gender: F
Current Year: Junior
College: Letters & Science
Major: English, Psychology

Since I moved to Davis in Fall 2010, I've practically lived off of the Freshman Guide and the Wiki in general (and wandered around like a lost goose a few times), but haven't come around to actually contributing it until this year. I'm still working on my people skills. I've avoided the Freshman Stripe and found my way to Navin's Copy Shop without any help, but I'm sure there's a lot more for me to master in order to survive here at UCD.

After Computer Science didn't work out for me in 2010-2011, I've decided to go the versatile route and switch to English. I can write 9-page essays far better than I write simple .c files in Linux. The most love I can harbor for computers will forever be the result of my escapades with Photoshop and other image software— I'm a digital and traditional artist whose muse keeps running away from her, as well as an avid Transformers junkie who reads too much for her own good. I am working on improving my grades (don't give me that look, I told you I'm working on it!) and building myself into the mature, savvy young woman I know I can become. Thanks, Davis Wiki, you're saving my life one step at a time.

Why I Don't Use "MichelleRamirez"

I understand that using my real name establishes a degree of credibility that is linked to my comments, but honestly, I'd rather be known for Metallikato's great student-POV insight than for MichelleRamirez's seemingly meaningless comments. For the most part, "Metallikato" is the name I go by, and I am proud enough of my activities under that name to use it here on the Davis Wiki. There's always proof that I exist, because as far as the UCD Directory goes, [WWW]it's public information.

Plus, "Michelle Ramirez" sounds like such a general Hispanic name that I hear way too many times on the news or online. It feels weird for me to write it.


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2011-09-18 08:41:28   Welcome to the (editing) the wiki! What a great user page. I look forward to more of your edits! —CovertProfessor

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