wikimike.jpgMike at Delta V. Photo by Sharon Z. Michael has been in Davis since January of 2003. He is the host of the acclaimed radio program Cool As Folk on KDVS heard every Friday for the last 4 years and the founder of Crossbill Records. Crossbill is the home of such Davis favorites as Garrett Pierce, Jake Mann, Matt Bauer and Mad Cow String Band.

Cool As Folk is currently heard Friday nights 6-8 pm and features folk, indie-rock/pop, bluegrass, blues and stringband music on the air and in-studio. Cool As Folk claims to have had over 200 live performances in studio. Past guests include: Jolie Holland, Nina Nastasia, Brett Dennen, The Avett Brothers, Josh Ritter, Mason Jennings, Utah Phillips, Jason Webley and Hillstomp all have shared their talents on the Cool As Folk show. This is the only radio show in the Davis/Sacramento area that features weekly in-studio music guests and interviews.

Michael's connection to KDVS began while working in the community. He first heard about KDVS in the spring of 2003 from Davis Senior High student Heather Klinger while Mike was temp. employed at Davis High. She talked him into volunteering and it has been a blissful free-form radio relationship ever since. His start at KDVS led to booking shows all over town starting in 2004, from house shows, old Cafe Roma, Whole Earth Festival 2007, coffeehouse shows on the UCD campus and more notably the "Down at the Delta" series Delta of Venus (summer 2004-winter 2006) and the Cool As Folk Presents series at Sophia's Thai Kitchen (August 2006-current).

In the real world, Mike recently received his MS in Counseling from CSUS and works as a school counselor at Emerson Junior High in Davis.


Mike Leahy for Davis Man of the Year - RobRoy

Yeah!!! Let's give Mike Leahy an award. The guy does so much for this town- BrendanBoyle

This man is great. He cracks me up. We used to chill in the Davis High Quad, now we chill in the KDVS Lounge. (Which is better). He is one of my favorite Davis people. HeatherKlinger


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2007-04-30 14:17:27   Hey Mike, what's with the new username? If you forgot your password, it'll email it you for a reset. —ArlenAbraham

2008-01-23 23:51:58   Michael Leahy for 2008. —JasonDunne

2008-03-19 16:36:44   Michael: It's Greg Giles, from 20 Minute Loop. Sorry if my friend-request message confused you. I realize you're not the booker for DofV; as it turns out, I think we're too loud for that venue. But if any good night comes up at Sophia's, let us know. I would like to try to do that Tartufi/20ML bill again (sadly rained out last autumn). I'm resorting to this comments page because I can't send a message via MySpace because somehow, we are not your friend, even though I think we used to be. So, here I am. Hope you're well. Thanks, Michael. Greg, 20ML —greggiles

2009-06-12 19:42:44   Don't believe the rumors! Michael Leahy is in fact real (and cool as folk)—I have had numerous Michael Leahy sightings. In my experience, serenades and house shows at which people are sitting on the floor are strong Michael Leahy lures. —WillSim

2010-07-29 03:39:18   Michael Leahy for 2008 —SeanJohannessen

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