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Pistacchio Risotto.jpg

I like to make new dishes. Here I made a Pistacchio Risotto


And this is a photo of me... or rather my eye :)


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2011-04-14 16:00:12   Welcome to the wiki! The page you created has really taken off! Nicely done. :-) —CovertProfessor

2011-04-14 17:51:18   Thanks :)

As a dog friendliness expert, where would you go for a Sequoia forest where we can take our dog for a stroll?
Seems Muir woods is off limits, and at Yosemite its only 1 trail thats paved that allows dogs. I dont know if that one has Sequoias, though. —MichaelNielsen

2011-04-14 20:19:01   It is a bit farther than a one day trip, but I see there are two dog friendly inns in Porterville and it is pretty cheap by EU standards. Looks like there are many groves there in the Seq. Nat. Forest. Any of them you'd recommend? [WWW] seems really nice.
and [WWW] but it seems part of it is in the "park" and the other part is "monument" (which shares the same rules for dogs as "forest").

I have been to the National park before, Wuchsachi lodge, sherman and the crystal cave, in 2004. So going to the national forest area will be new for me as well. First thing when my fiancee (in EU) wakes up I'll suggest a weekend trip there :)
I was thinking of Yosemite, but I guess that's a bit clich├ęd as a first time visit to USA for her - go right for the lesser known (in EU) but even better site for some magical Sequoia quality time - Perfect after a tour at Sequoia Grove winery :D —MichaelNielsen

2011-04-21 07:14:32   I had noticed the lack of UCD Medical Group page a while back, but didn't get into it. Since you know a bit about what's there, why not go ahead and create the page yourself? It's easy to do! —TomGarberson

2011-04-22 19:59:39   Thanks for getting that page going! —TomGarberson

2011-04-24 04:29:01   Wow, that's what I bike almost every day when I decide to bike to school. Also, I feel like you and I would get along. Dexter, Chuck, cheese, dogs, hedonism, and classical liberalism. Unless of course, you didn't mean dogs as in for eating. —hankim

2011-05-19 16:40:26   Thanks for the recommendation, sounds like a lot of fun! —TomGarberson

2011-05-24 14:21:10   Liberal does not mean limited government in America. Neither does conservative unfortunately. —hankim

Liberal means stupid elitist assholes who likes to crap on hard working Americans and steal their money to give to illegal immigrants.

2011-07-09 22:37:24   Sure. Actually, I'd say it's the average of what you expect when chatting with a random stranger. It varies from town to town, region to region. The attitude, the viewpoint, the orientation toward life and all the things we deal with, abstract and concrete. I've been in towns where the average was skewed well away from my perspective, but still found good people... and of course you can find jackasses everywhere. But each place has a set of social assumptions, what is acceptable, what isn't. Davisness is that particular set that Davis has.

Of course, I'm answering having no idea what prompted the question. Was there a particular reason you asked? —JabberWokky

2011-07-25 13:39:28   Congratulations, Michael, that is very good news, and I am glad you were able to find the proper site for your proposal! Which trails in Yosemite are open to dogs? I had thought that dogs were prohibited from all U.S. National Parks, except for campgrounds and other "developed" areas. —CovertProfessor

2011-07-28 07:59:07   Do you have a Google Voice number? It's only 2 cents per minute to land lines in Denmark, 19 cents per minute to mobile phones. You can use it from any cell phone or land line, since you're calling a local number (your Google Voice number) and it's calling internationally. —TomGarberson

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