DJ EM:V (aka me at Soga's) photo by: DJ SEP

everyone has a double life...mine is dj'ing. i have been dj'ing since 1999 and i currently dj/promote 3 nights a week in davis at local restaurants and bars. i play commercial hip hop and club hits at these davis gigs. however, my true passion is house music and whenever possible i try to share my love of house music with others. deep, jazzy, funky house music brightens my day and gets me feet moving and toes tapping. i'm influenced by the sf bay area sound and scene and hope one day to dj in sf. i also hope to start producing tracks as well. i dabble in print design and hope to learn web design and flash soon. during the day i co-manage a small print shop. i also have aspirations to go back to school for my MBA.


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