Dress.jpgProm [2006]

Mogitha (Morgan Carranza) birthday is (July 19th, 1989).

I work at Tuesday Morning in South Davis.
Looking for more work and flying a sign outside CVS (Oak Tree Plaza).
Trying to make rent.

She likes altering clothes and will have a business in the near future.

I'm going to start school at IADT & Will be there for Fashion Design & Business Management.

I have a Livejournal;[WWW], Scribbld;[WWW], Twitter;[WWW] & Gaiaonline [WWW] I don't ever update as much as I should. Inspire me~

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Nerd out with me.

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Thanks for helping to improve that page! —PhilipNeustrom

2010-06-03 07:42:52   I like the table you made on Lasting Impressions Hair Design. Thanks! See Wiki pages with colorful tables for more. —NickSchmalenberger

2010-07-14 20:35:04   Morgan! How the heck are you? Wow it's been a long time! Didn't you move to Texas, or something? I would love to hang out but I am actually moving to Germany for a job! I'm not sure when I will be back (probably before school starts). It would be cool to hang out sometime! —ArianeMetz

2011-02-26 21:48:41   Hey girl, I saw your comment on Crying Girl's page about how hard you were working to make ends meet, if at all. Hence, how I found this page of yours. Sorry if I come off as a stalker. But I was wondering, if you're in Davis often, have you ever considered Davis Community meals? It'll save you money on at least a couple meals :) [And you can take some extra food home sometimes too.] —KittyN

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