Note: I no longer use this profile - I created a new profile, NicholasBarry, so I could have a profile that used my whole name, as per wikispot guidelines. ("A" is my middle initial, thus my old profile name.) I have left everything as is on this profile (except to remove the Comments box). Please visit my new profile!
nicholasbarry.jpg My name's Nicholas Barry, and I've been living in Davis since 2003 when I came here as an undergraduate. I studied Economics and International Relations, got a job with [WWW]Senator Darrell Steinberg in Sacramento, and launched the Davis Dollars community currency. The incredible N Street Cohousing has been my home since 2009. I'll finish a masters degree in Public Administration at USC in the summer of 2011.

I created a presentation to explain the benefits of to nonprofits in Sacramento. You can check it out here: [WWW]

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2007-12-09 16:12:36   hello. do you know about the Wiki BBQ Jan 2008? Everyone's invited, so if you want to let other people know, feel free to copy and paste this. gracias! —JessicaRockwell

The 0 - 3 at UCD shirts are free. Just ask [WWW]these guys for one.

2010-11-21 06:15:19   Hey, I just wanted to say that Davis Dollars is a great idea. As a minor aside, I rather liked the old profile. —JabberWokky

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