nicholasbarry.jpg My name's Nicholas Barry, and I've been living in Davis since 2003 when I came here as an undergraduate. I studied Economics and International Relations, and finished a masters degree in Public Administration at USC in July 2011.

Here are a few places you might know me from (or if you don't know me, places or ways you might meet me):

Some material from my old, deprecated NaBarry profile. I changed profiles so I could have a profile that used my whole name.

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See my old profile's statistics below.

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2007-12-09 16:12:36   hello. do you know about the Wiki BBQ Jan 2008? Everyone's invited, so if you want to let other people know, feel free to copy and paste this. gracias! —JessicaRockwell

The 0 - 3 at UCD shirts are free. Just ask [WWW]these guys for one.

2010-11-21 06:15:19   Hey, I just wanted to say that Davis Dollars is a great idea. As a minor aside, I rather liked the old profile. —JabberWokky

2011-05-20 17:03:20   I can now say, without insulting you, that I always sounded out your old editor account in my head as "Sodium Barry". —JabberWokky

2011-05-20 19:25:10   Great new entries! That's really useful info. —JabberWokky

2011-09-28 13:59:29   Why the redirects? The redirects you've created don't seem necessary. You type the name of the redirect into search and the first result is the page that the redirect redirects to... until now where the first result is a redirect. —WilliamLewis

2011-11-10 12:29:48   Thanks for the fixes on Davis Dollars! —TomGarberson

2011-12-06 09:42:33   Yes, having the page organized by categories, with information in the sections as well as pictures, would be better. I'm still not 100% crazy about the idea, but it would be better. Also, I am also wondering if you think the changes to Explore help. I'm sensing that you still think that there is a need for a separate Businesses page. —CovertProfessor

2011-12-06 10:15:19   Oh, I just removed it because there's an overwhelming number of templates already, and I think it's better not to have a template for that kind of stuff, so as to encourage novel and non-heterogeneous entries of that form. Without double checking, I think the comment referred more to the fact that Sacramento was referenced a few times in it. (Not that I have any problems with Sacto, as I lived there before Davis... well other than the loss of True Love Cafe). —JabberWokky

2011-12-06 10:51:37   One thing to keep in mind is that I see a delete as just another edit to the wiki, not something final. So if it comes from me, don't see a delete as anything more serious than something like tightening up wording. It's simply another edit. That's why I had reverted the version of Businesses with all the broken links and said something along the lines of "revert back to here to resume editing". The wiki is perpetually in flux, and what is "absolute" today will be "yeah, that's left over from something else" two years from now. —JabberWokky

2011-12-06 11:00:21   A revert is a threat. Break out the pepper spray! :) —TomGarberson

2011-12-06 11:09:53   Yeah, if you'll notice with the current Nov/Police entry, most people reverted once, kind of "voicing their opinion". Jeff continued to revert until he found somebody willing to play games with him. Silliness can happen, but the first set of reverts were all done once by different people. I'd say that's healthy. Of course, it's now progressing to an exercise in headbutting, which only leads to headaches. —JabberWokky

2011-12-06 11:21:33   ...and now the Talk page fills up with the views that didn't fit in the revert notice field. —JabberWokky

2011-12-11 19:55:52   Do you by chance, know why the Sacwiki Test is no longer showing edits made within the last week? —jefftolentino

2011-12-12 09:37:37   Thanks for the response, sir. I'll keep keep the "test" nature of the site in mind, (glad someone held on to that trace though). The gathering sounds useful. Post-holiday timeframe would be most workable for me. —jefftolentino

2011-12-23 08:12:55   Nicholas, it looks like you provided the two photos for [WWW]this Enterprise article. Interested in uploading them to the wiki? I think they'd be nice on the Davis Dollars page. —CovertProfessor

2011-12-25 20:08:40   Thanks, looks great! No worries about despoiling. —CovertProfessor

2012-01-05 18:04:32   I'm confused... will the flea market be at the Farmers Market? Or some other time/place? —CovertProfessor

2012-01-06 16:29:52   Ah, you really had everyone guessing. :-) —CovertProfessor

2012-01-06 16:49:50   Thanks for the invite, but this quarter is going to be insane for me. I'm going to try to keep my wiki editing to a bare minimum. Failing so far, obviously. —CovertProfessor

2012-01-06 16:52:12   I'd be into a get together, but probably can't do it until after the 25th, (will be in the philippines). I was also thinking it might be worthwhile to post some fliers in midtown and some of the colleges. Kind of a legwork task, but it would be good to get Sactown folk involved, since its really their town. Some sticker bombing might work as well. —jefftolentino

2012-01-11 16:54:36   you are welcome, I just wanted to make you aware!

also sorry, I had been up for quite some time and I may have come across a little loopy ^__~StevenDaubert

2012-01-17 17:51:21   You can delete and repost it now. I just added you as an Events editor. Keep in mind that a delete is unforgiving: there is no revert for events, thus the Event editors list. —JabberWokky

2012-05-10 19:53:22   Thank you for the explanation. I agree that while the negative actions of a representative reflect poorly on the organization, overall my interactions with you and with other Davis Dollars folks, and my impressions of your actions, have been positive. The main thing that would change any negative impression, in my view, is having the new editor become a genuine contributor to the wiki — not just someone who edits for internship reasons, but who makes other contributions. Someone who complains about the look of the front page hasn't quite yet "gotten it" — it's their wiki, too, to edit and to improve. —CovertProfessor

2012-05-11 08:27:01   The only thing I had a problem with was the name. And I was upset in part because it's a shame it was associated with a cool project like Davis Dollars. Your intern made a mistake. It was pointed out. I think everything's fine... hopefully those edits will be buried under continuing ones about the growth of Davis Dollars. —JabberWokky

2012-05-11 09:59:21   Yes.... a new requirement for all Davis employment... "Must be a productive editor of the Davis Wiki." Ha! —CovertProfessor

2012-05-14 11:54:27   It's not a bad idea — in fact, it's a great idea — as long as they are genuine contributions, as you said before. —CovertProfessor

2012-05-30 16:32:29   Congratulations on big step forward! (Co-Op & Davis $$$$$$$). ☺☺☺ —ConstantiaOomen

2012-06-01 08:46:33   John just paid with Davis Dollars @ Co-Op Davis for the first time! He bought vegan marshmallows and barbecue pins (vegan purpose) with it. ☺ —ConstantiaOomen

2014-01-26 15:47:15   I was sad to see that the Cheung Hing grocery/deli on 11th Street in Sacramento is closed. Since you work on the Sacramento Wiki, maybe you know of other places to get wonderful baked bao. —SueHjerpe

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