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General Information

Full Name : Oleg Lokhvitsky1
Age : 23
Born In : [wikipedia]Tomsk, [wikipedia]Russia2
Institution : UC Davis
Class : Undergraduate of 2012
Major : Computer Science & Engineering (ECS)

About Me


Hi! I'm Oleg (pronounced "Oh-Leg"). I'm an alumni of UC Davis and I never know what to put in an "About Me" section. =P
P.S. This page is probably quite a bit out of date, since I no longer reside in Davis.


I graduated as a CSE major, though have interests spread across various other (mostly engineering-related) topics such as Physics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Philosophy, Psychology, etc...
Although I'm not yet sure as to which area in [wikipedia]Computer Science I'm going to be specializing in, I have a very wide spread interest ranging from common things like [wikipedia]Programming, to rarer fascinations such as [wikipedia]Computer Security or [wikipedia]Artificial Intelligence, to rather unusual hobbies such as client-side (read: legal) [wikipedia]Memory Editing and finally to the absurdly ridiculous such as [wikipedia]Pixel Art.
I would have happily minored in Physics or perhaps a foreign language ([wikipedia]Korean, [wikipedia]Japanese, [wikipedia]French in that order), if I had enough time or units to accomplish this in four years, but for the better or worse, CSE has a very full curriculum.

My classes:

Year Quarter Class Teacher Class Rating Teacher Rating
2008 Fall ECS 040 Sean Davis A A+
2008 Fall MAT 021B Qinglan Xia B- C
2008 Fall CHE 002A Andreas Toupadakis C A
2009 Winter EEC 070 Venkatesh Akella B+ B
2009 Winter MAT 021C Thomas Strohmer B- C
2009 Winter PHI 001 Michael Glanzberg A A
2009 Winter ENL 003 Vanessa Schmitt B F
2009 Spring ECS 020 Charles Martel B+ B+
2009 Spring MAT 021D Andrew Waldron A- A
2009 Spring PHY 009A Dong Yu A C+
2009 Spring PSC 001 Christi Bamford B+ B+
2009 Fall ECS 060 Ananya Das B C+
2009 Fall MAT 022A Andrew Waldron A- A
2009 Fall PHY 009B Sergey Savrasov A B+
2009 Fall LIN 001 Almerindo Ojeda A+ A+
2010 Winter ECS 154A Dipak Ghosal B+ B
2010 Winter MAT 022B James Forehand C+ B
2010 Winter PHY 009C Gergely Zimanyi A A+
2010 Winter LIN 177 Almerindo Ojeda A A+
2010 Spring ECS 154B Matthew Farrens A- A-
2010 Spring ENG 017 Brian Kolner C B+
2010 Spring HIS 009A Susan Mann A A+
2010 Spring PHY 009D Charles Fadley B+ C+
2010 Fall ECS 132 Norman Matloff B- F
2010 Fall ECS 140A Ronald Olsson A A-
2010 Fall ECS 150 Shyhtsun Felix Wu A+ A
2010 Fall HIS 111A Stylianos Spyridakis B A
2011 Winter ECS 122A Zhaojun Bai B+ B+
2011 Winter ENG 100 Khaled A. Abdel-Ghaffar C C
2011 Winter PHI 013 Bernard J. Molyneux A A
2011 Winter HIS 111B Stylianos Spyridakis B A
2011 Spring ECS 142 Raju Pandey A A+
2011 Spring ECS 152A Biswanath Mukherjee B+ C+
2011 Spring ECS 160 Prem Devanbu A A
2011 Spring ECS 188 Biswanath Mukherjee C C+
2011 Fall CMN 001 Alisa M. Shubb C A
2011 Fall ECS 165A Bertram T. Ludaescher B B
2011 Fall ECS 175 Nelson L. Max A A-
2011 Fall ECS 180A Soheil Ghiasihafezi B C
2012 Winter ECS 140B TODO ? ?
2012 Winter EEC 172 TODO ? ?
2012 Winter PHI 031 TODO ? ?
2012 Spring ECS 170 Ian Davidson B+ B
2012 Spring ECS 251 Shyhtsun Felix Wu A+ A+


I love sports and exercising in general, but there's of course certain activities that attract me more than others.
I am addicted to martial arts, particularly Tae Kwon Do which gets its own section. I also actively practice Wushu with the UC Davis Wushu Club. I have also, in the past, practiced Judo, Hapkido (Korean Aikido), Kumdo (Korean Kendo), Sambo, Short Staff Combat, Nunchaku Combat and Greco-Roman Wrestling (Who Hasn't...).
In high school, during my junior I joined the cross country team. I got really into running and at my top shape ran a 2-miler in 10:40 (which would be a little over
5-minute mile time for a single mile). Unfortunately I injured my knee during fall of senior year and had to sit the entire season out. Due to this I'm now fairly slow (by my own standards at least), and don't run nearly as much as before. However, I'm still addicted to Asics running shoes. =)
Biking is a more recent fascination which also has its own section.
Besides these I really enjoy an occasional game of table tennis (A.K.A. ping-pong) and Badminton. I love swimming but prefer to do it in rivers.


I'm [wikipedia]Russian and was born in what I call the "flat, blank, middle of [wikipedia]Siberia". Unlike the common misconception, Siberia is not like [wikipedia]Antarctica, and [wikipedia]penguins would die of heat there. Siberia does not have constant -1,000,000,000 degrees Kelvin (waa...aay below absolute zero) temperatures as some people seem to think. In fact, during winter it gets to about -40 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit), and during the summer up to about 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). I think it's a wonderful place to live but unfortunately Russia in a political toilet at the moment, so I'm happy that I'm in USA (especially since [wikipedia]Obama took office). I moved to the States when I was 10 (A.K.A. year 2000), and have lived in the (southern) bay area from that time until moving to Davis.


I've been actively practicing TaeKwonDo since 2003 and currently train with the [WWW]UC Davis TaeKwonDo Club.
I'm currently a [WWW]Kukkiwon ([WWW]World TaeKwonDo Federation Headquarters) certified second Dan black belt.
I'm also the webmaster for the [WWW]National Collegiate Taekwondo Association.
TaeKwonDo plays a very large role in my life and is important to me.


Here's a list of my bikes:

Nickname Model Birthday Version Pictures
Road Warrior (Retired) Self-Built October 18th, 2008 Retired RoadWarrior2.jpgVersion 1RoadWarrior.jpgVersion 2
Fixation Redline 925 July 22nd, 2009 2 FixationStock.jpgStock VersionFixation2.jpgVersion 2
Goldy Custom [WWW]Mission Valencia October 16, 2011 1 Valencia1.jpgVersion 1


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2009-09-30 10:18:59   Oleg - I can totally help you out on that bike related wish list. I have Velocity Deep V's in white and can lace them to colored IRO, Formula, Dia Compe, Suzue, Dura Ace or even Phil wood hubs. We do standard lacing patterns or even some crazy ones in colored spokes if you want. I have white straps too in soma's toshi's or MKS fit Alpha's. Swing by the shop I have all kinds of stuff at the shop. —Aaron.Curtin

2010-10-18 12:30:28   Dude, Oleg! Matloff is A+++++! >=O —MysticHLE

2011-01-31 03:25:54   I like the Gaia avatar customizations for each category. Definitely one of the cooler daviswiki profiles :D —RyanMeyerhoff

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