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''2011-03-31 18:47:27'' [[nbsp]] Psst... Mammoth Nut Brown now on tap at the Beer Shoppe. Thanks for your patronage! --["Users/TaylorRamos"]

GreatPowerfulOZ.jpgThe Great and Powerful Oz Olivia Y is a UCD graduate with a degree in Biotechnology (Micro/Fermentation emphasis). She loves to cook and has resumed blogging about [WWW]culinary adventures.

She also enjoys long walks on the beach, [WWW]things that are bigger on the inside, Arrogant Bastard Ale on tap, COMIC CON and her dog Oz. On July 24 2010 Olivia met Joss Whedon.

Olivia is an alumna of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi

Favorite things about Davis:
-"Teh Wiki" (minus the crazy)
-Bikram Yoga Davis - addiction thy name is Bikram!
-Pub Quiz with Dr. Andy Jones at Bistro 33 (he's a BAMF)
-Style Lounge - Jerry is amazing
-Spa Central
-Uncle Vito's Slice of N.Y. for pizza, boont's amber ale and baseball
-Davis Farmer's Market
-Community Supported Agriculture
-Food Science & Technology
-An assortment of Sushi
-Arrogant Bastard Ale on tap at: Burgers and Brew (Anywhere else? Update here!)
-Even more options for Frozen Yogurt than Starbucks!
-Trees that change colors in the fall
-Charles Bamforth - FST 3, 102A and 102B

Things Davis should have (but doesn't):
-Affordable, good quality Indian food **Namaste Nepal's buffet takes care of this now
-RIP Retro Film Revival
-Student discounts at Regal on Friday evenings
-24 Hour Coffee House (at least during finals)
-More things for people to do on a Friday/Saturday night other than Bars


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2008-11-23 10:03:01   Welcome to the Wiki. —JasonAller

2008-11-23 10:38:32   Hi Olivia! —JoePomidor

2008-11-23 18:20:27   If you are going to try to educate the hoplophobes you might as well be armed for the task: [WWW] Best of luck. I think that one of Oleg's posters says it best: [WWW]Criminals don't know you aren't the one carrying it.. I've always be partial to the argument in [WWW]Get Tools.. —JasonAller

2008-11-23 19:58:49   I don't think that argument really reflects reality. The NRA itself [WWW]cites a number of figures that place the number of guns in the US (as of 2004) at somewhere around 258 million. That's almost one gun per person for every person in the United States. If you assume that criminals are deterred by the possibility of a victim having a gun, then committing any crime (physically) against a person would be irrational, since your chances would be better than 5/6 that your victim would have a gun. Clearly, there is still violent crime in the country (much of which uses guns). So we can conclude that:

1) Criminals are not behaving rationally, since rational people should be deterred by guns by that argument or:
2) Criminals are behaving rationally, but for whatever reason, do not believe that guns are a worthy deterrent to their actions.

In either case, it would make more sense to adopt solutions to crime which are actually likely to mitigate or prevent it. The NRA's own statistics show that it doesn't work as a deterrent.

Note: In many cases, the threat of jail (even long prison terms) is ALSO not a deterrent to criminals. Since anyone who is convicted of a crime is likely to spend some time in jail, and since crimes occur even when prison terms are lengthened, it is reasonable to assume that at least some set of potential criminals are (again) either not behaving rationally, or consider the rather strong risk of jail to not be a deterrent. —IDoNotExist

2008-11-24 04:33:15   Criminals have stated before that they are more afraid of concealed-carrying citizens than either the police or the correctional system. —BrendanChan

2009-08-23 09:24:10   See the quoted section of the law on PaulJones page. I'm sorry to hear that you had that occur to you. —JasonAller

2009-08-23 21:08:01   shady ketmoree wouldn't let you in with the military id

not only is it a valid ID, but your were or are IN THE FRICKEN MILITARY

gaaaad they fail ♥ —StevenDaubert

2009-08-28 04:06:57   sweetie I have been bartending for four years I have seen plenty of military ids and the dont say height, weight hair color on them —pauljones

2009-08-28 12:41:03   Paul don't you DARE sweetie me. I am a military brat and have grown up knowing the rules regulations. Military id DOES have all that information on the back, otherwise I wouldn't be able to get on base. Sounds to me like you don't know anything about state or federal law and I find iit odd that you are only interested in defending ketmoree but claim to work somewhere else. —OliviaY

2009-08-28 13:24:02   Example of the front of a Military ID:

I could not find an example of the back of a current military id so here is an outdated version:

Example of a Common Access Card: —OliviaY

2009-09-04 21:37:06   ¬_¬ looks like pauljones just got ownnnneed —StevenDaubert

2009-09-12 19:02:50   Not that I'm supporting the military by saying this, but I do not like the fact that Ketmoree has banned you for the reasons they did. No matter the group, banning them for this reason doesn't make sense. If this were illegal and you could easily get in any other place with a military ID, then a whole lot of places are breaking the law right now and someone should get to notifying someone of this breach. But since it is Ketmoree that is in the wrong, I intend to boycott this place until it is confirmed that you are in fact not banned (whether you choose to go there or not). —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-09-13 14:23:27   Coincidentally, yesterday, I had badly bruised my knee when I caught the edge of a metal ledge while moving very fast. I, however, just slightly faltered, recomposed myself, walked out of eyeshot of anyone who might have seen it happen as though I were not hurt at all, then checked my injury (which is now a bruised, skinned, and painful injury), then cussed rather quietly to myself and hobbled away.

And for a while, I used to say "frak" also. And "frick" (thanks to Scrubs). —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-09-13 21:05:30   I'm never going there, the food has gone down, and apparently they suck as a nightclub when it comes to the military.

perhaps an entry into the shadyness factor page is order? —StevenDaubert

2009-09-20 02:00:40   There's always current wiki-drama, unless there's nothing really going on :) —PhilipNeustrom

2009-09-20 19:30:02   What would a wiki be without drama? The facebook of phonebooks. —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-09-21 20:16:42   BnB has arrogant bastard on tap right? I know someone in town does... —StevenDaubert

2009-09-21 22:07:09   Who ever enjoys short walks on the beach? —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-09-22 00:40:31   my friend nabs a case every year of the stone russian, then ages it in his fridge for at least 6 months

me not so much of a drinker —StevenDaubert

2009-09-27 18:52:30   I love your blog! I'm totally using some of those recipes in the coming weeks. —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-10-12 11:59:52   Olivia, I was looking through bills passed and vetoed by the governor today, when I noticed one that directly related to your experience at KetMoRee. [WWW]AB 59 would [WWW]"provide that, if the military identification card lacks a physical description, but does include date of birth and a photo, further proof of majority shall not be required." and was based on an incident where marines from Camp Pendleton were unable to attend a banquet in the City of Temecula due to only having military ID. I was sorry to hear of the initial incident, and hope this legislative development prevents further unhappiness. -M.

2009-10-20 22:48:47   IF I didn’t “sign my” name then HOW THE FREAK did you sent me a message on Davis Wiki? So obviously that means I DID otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to sent me THIS MESSAGE. Any more suggestions I can clear up for you beside you thinking “creepy” or ME signing/using my name on Davis Wiki? —Macco

2009-10-20 23:07:53   THAT’S WONDERFUL. THANK YOU for adding my name. Glad to see that you know Davis Wiki like the back of your hand. Didn’t know One’s name can be erased when having to figure Davis Wiki’s editing for THE First TIME. Sorry, not all of us had 5 years of complete training and hands on with Davis Wiki. For some it’s our First time. Can we stop this now? I love DAVIS and its people and this is really starting to Annoy THE HELL OUT OF ME.

2009-10-20 23:38:58   OMG this is never going to end. IT’S obvious that we are both VERY Stubborn women who take pride in what we believe. I have a paper due in a manner of HOURS as soon as that is completed and turned in I will MOST definitely get back to our discussion. I wouldn’t be doing but I still have many courses to complete. Sadly I don’t have the time, RIGHT NOW, to be arguing my case like you do. And I thought we already established my first time editing error and no 5yr experience with Davis Wiki OR ANY WIKI for that matter. Not all of us spend their free time on the computer/ internet.
WOW, how I really wish I can continue. Mark my work I will get back to this discussion.

Lady please this page is to express our Opinion. Our Entitlement, remember you used that word once. Therefore I don’t have to be careful of my tone. Many TRUE YoloBerry followers understand where I AM COMING FROM. And that is, we defend YoloBerry when Negative Comments appear. So there’s no “misreading”. If anything your comment makes YoloBerry seem like their to out to make their Customers feel “uncomfortable”

2009-10-20 23:45:18   Oh I know there are plenty of resources for newbies as myself. But the BEST ONE comes from and with those who have 5yrs and plus experiences with Davis Wiki or any Wiki. Why waste money and time when you can have FUN and Learn with and/ or from you friend?! Thanks for the advise thought! Much appreciated.You learn the best one on one not from a book or online tips and tricks. —Macco

2009-10-20 23:50:18   Thank you. I take that that as a complement. I am sadden for the lost of your service at Yoloberry. —Macco

2009-11-01 14:04:44   interesting yet albeit silly take on the yoloberry webcam

I'm sure people wait on the feed for hours just to catch a glimpse of you, it's not like you just can't keep your back turned. —StevenDaubert

2009-11-01 15:53:54   I was unaware of that, but you can still not look at the camera.

You can't stop nerds from being nerds and doing projects like that, however I've let the owners know that some find it shady —StevenDaubert

2010-01-17 19:08:19   me, elder comes from the "school of running" and I can't get him to go ¬_¬


You were there? —StevenDaubert

2010-01-18 00:58:12   hah, that's nothing once I ambushed Miss Hoar and Mr. Benedict in nugget with that very question when they walked by and I was like wait a minute

I guess my name was said during class

2010-01-31 18:22:19   Are you the same Olivia from Sac Yelp? —rfrazier

2010-01-31 18:46:36   Just curious. I post there as Ryan "Je Suis Prest" F. —rfrazier

2010-02-18 13:55:47   Whoa, someone on the same page when it comes to university and ASUCD spending. —hankim

2010-03-07 22:03:23   Thanks! That's a really good idea, I'll look into word limits and the like. —TomGarberson

2010-03-08 15:52:56   Woo! Also, REALLY nice use of "huzzah". There aren't many people who are properly acquainted with the word. —AaronSamson

2010-03-09 23:52:51   There was a paper posted out in front of University Mall that said they were bringing in a Trader Joe's. —hankim

2010-03-10 08:52:50   Definitely pointless. As a fellow labbie, I was groaning. I'm pretty sure that as the world ends in 2012 and Jesus walks again and as the asteroid is hours from hitting the earth and the zombie hoards take lab will be pulling straws to see who needs to stay and monitor the TC room. —EdWins

2010-03-10 09:29:25   When Sarah was working in a lab at UCD, she was doing desiccation tests of samples at various hour intervals. The ones lower than about ten hours were okay... start in the morning, pull them later that day. Later on, when I was sitting with flashers on near the Chem 194 barricade, having driven her to the lab at 3am for the third day in a row, well... that got old quick. But experiments have their own constraints that don't fit into neat schedules all the time, and some are years worth of work. Bleah. -jw —JabberWokky

2010-03-10 10:26:26   There are notices of demolition for the Radiology place, saying that Trader Joe's will be built in its place. It's official! —AaronSamson

2010-03-23 10:56:23   Yup, I got a GED. And as far I remember, that wasn't even required for admission. —ScottMeehleib

2010-03-25 12:48:05   I figured as much. The Libertarian group is completely gone as well. Somewhat depressing in my opinion. —hankim

2010-04-16 17:14:59   Bamforth is awesome! —SunjeetBaadkar

2010-05-14 22:57:07   If you're out along 580 somewhere, drop by Sansar on First Street in Livermore. By far the best Indian food I've had in my life. Their lamb saag is every bit as good as everything else there. Seriously, it's worth the trip for the food alone. It's also just a block away from the new First Street Alehouse, which is one of the best upscale pubs I've been to (the old location having been one of the best downscale pubs I've been to...). —TomGarberson

2010-05-18 07:44:51   Re: Restaurants without automatic gratuity: Not a bad idea for a page. The note I added may be wrong; I've never given much thought to it, and am curious. I tend to read "the edges" of menus and have seen the notice here and there, but I'd be surprised if it was over, say, 10% of restaurants in Davis that did it. It's a neat idea to list them and get a actual count and figure out what the actual prevalence of the requirement is. —JabberWokky

2010-06-09 15:19:03   I think we need a list of places that serve actually spicy foods in Davis. I was about to create the new page but then realized I could not think of anything. Thought you might know some? —hankim

2010-06-10 01:59:50   I feel like I am bouncing around Thai places looking for one to satisfy me. —hankim

2010-06-26 22:01:23   I guess I did not make it very clear in my response to the comment, but I meant that most Thai places I have been to had waiters/waitresses who would ask if I wanted rice without making it clear that it costs extra. —hankim

2010-08-21 06:31:23   Belated congrats on gradumacating. Are you sticking around in davis, or...? —TomGarberson

2010-10-07 12:43:06   Yup... I can agree to an extent. The cover is going to help pay for the PSO (Guard) cards required for all of the bouncers and for additional classes that the security staff is going to need to be attending. It is also going to cover some of the additional fees the city of Davis will be placing on many of the establishments in town which serve both restaurant food and liquor. How long will the cover charge last? I am not sure.

As for Little Prague and prices, we do have lower priced alcohol than many establishments in town, if not the lowest, especially in October when we have $3.50 well drinks and 24 oz. Beers for $5.00 all month. We are also one of the few bars in town that have a dance floor. In addition to this we have begun to serve fresh burgers and brats (bratwurst and weiswurst) every Thursday-Saturday.

Usually, I will be on the door but do make trips through the establishment from time to time. I am there every Wednesday through Saturday from 9pm onwards.

If you are truly worried about the cover charge, I would suggest to you that you show up early on (say around 9pm) get your stamp, come in for a few minutes and maybe have a drink or two, then go to the other bars you wish to visit. If you return, you already have the stamp and will be able to enter without paying the cover.

Look for me next time you're in and I will take a few moments to discuss anything you might wish to say about the establishment. Also would be nice to meet another Wiki user. Thanks for your input. —Wes-P

2010-10-27 15:42:46   I love your blog name. If you ever should need to tell baking powder from baking soda in the future: dissolve a bit in water. Baking powder fizzes by itself, because there's an acidic component in the powder. Baking soda doesn't fizz alone. —JudithTruman

2010-11-06 11:21:00   It was a pleasure, albeit brief. You are officially the first person I have met from the Wiki. I know a couple of the others from other outlets but you are now officially the first Wiki to RL acquaintance. Hopefully it was an enjoyable experience for you.

Not sure if you would be interested but tonight is 80's for the Ladies night. All women will be paying no cover.

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself, very few ever actually do. —Wes-P

2010-12-10 00:10:53   I am fine with it although I still think it helps the frat more when more information is provided. Just really had a problem with how the Taylor guy was going about it. —hankim

2010-12-15 20:40:22   Here is a comment so you can see that spiffy new messages notice! —WilliamLewis

2010-12-23 11:46:18   Are you sure that Red Orchid is under new ownership? There is definitely a new menu. If there is a new owner, we should probably archive the old comments and start fresh. I'm willing to do that, but don't want to make the effort until we know for sure about the ownership.

I'm hoping that there is some Hunan-tofu-like dish on that new menu (there were a few tofu dishes), but I haven't had a chance to figure that out yet. —CovertProfessor

2010-12-24 13:42:07   Thanks, Olivia. After a recent meal at Red Orchid, I am now thoroughly convinced, and not coincidentally, feeling a little ill (not food poisoning ill, but ate not-very-good-food ill). I'm going to archive the old comments. —CovertProfessor

2011-01-06 08:18:49   You need an Aggie Card after graduating? —hankim

2011-01-06 14:42:29   I feel like some of those definitions are very restricting. I mean, sometimes I don't even have to pay extra for some of those services:

4. Requiring one to wear any degrading or uncomfortable garments.

9. Having substances such as eggs, paint, honey, etc. thrown at, poured on, or otherwise applied to the bodies of individuals.

10. Morally degrading or humiliating games or any other activities that make an individual the object of amusement, ridicule, or intimidation. hankim

2011-01-06 15:18:50   Look at that! All those people employed, probably even with overtime, all thanks to the genius of the Supreme Leader! Unlike here in America, where so many are unemployed! —hankim

2011-01-30 17:29:03   Was very nice seeing you once again. Hope the experience was pleasant for you. Take care. —Wes-P

2011-02-27 15:33:48   That was Joe Sherman out there today. —TomGarberson

2011-03-17 15:03:52   I understand that noone 'owns' wiki. What I do not understand is why so many people want to change my page (or, if you prefer, the page that describes my business and what I do). —larrydguenther

2011-03-18 17:31:00   Thanks for the email retrieval. That should help. —JabberWokky

2011-03-18 17:33:11   Oh, and: Damn your eyes. Now I'm whistling "[WWW]The Merry Old Land of Oz" thanks to the Great and Powerful one's photo at the top of your page! —JabberWokky

2011-03-21 18:25:36   Please see the Wiki Community/Accusations/Talk page. —Wes-P

2011-03-21 22:06:52   Glad to see you're updating your blog again! —JabberWokky

2011-03-21 22:29:48   Just stopped by your blog and wish I checked on it sooner. Lot of good looking recipes I wish to try. Glad you created it. —Wes-P

2011-03-22 11:00:06   Thank you for bringing a neutral perspective to the Village Cab fiasco. It is dragging on too long. —Wes-P

2011-03-22 11:01:51   Too hard to link the edit by edit, but check out [WWW]this version. As I mentioned before the talk page was wiped, and I now CP mentioned, David's actual response was pretty appalling. —EdWins

2011-03-22 14:01:03   I think that the community approved, but Cocoa is sort of out there on her(?) own. Who even knows anymore? —JoePomidor

2011-03-23 10:18:19   Magic woman make letters white. Oooo... poke with stick! MAGIC! —JabberWokky

2011-03-23 10:24:39   Wow. That does look good, thanks! —Davidlm

2011-03-23 10:37:17   Yeah, it's decidedly a hack... it's actually stealing the class from some system page or something. But hey, it works! —JabberWokky

2011-03-23 23:00:44   Those could easily just be solicited comments. V.I.P. Studios Photography does that, and the end result is that a lot of people leave a single comment there an never edit the wiki again, which is ok, but not as ideal as having them leave that comment and then go on to be regular contributors. —JasonAller

2011-03-23 23:28:38   Hey OliviaY. These are all honest to goodness posts people did on my behalf. I can give you full names for each one. After the incident with Ms. Doan, I sent an email to all my clients reiterating my 100% satisfaction guarantee. Many of my clients have posted on yelp, where she has also posted as well. —Davidlm

As of Jan. 2010, the ABC recognized both Military IDs and Passports as acceptable, legal ID for entrance into a bar. —JoshLawson

2011-03-29 10:42:49   On the contrary? [WWW]

2011-03-29 10:51:42   When I first came across the story, that joke was the first thing that came to mind. If you think that's messed up: [WWW]

What's messed up is that these women aren't unattractive! Just like all those female teachers charged with statutory rape for doing sixteen year old males. —hankim

2011-03-29 11:21:33   [WWW]Meanwhile, in Russia...hankim

I share your reactions to derogatory words about my gender compared to those about my race, religion, or politics. I responded regarding that to ScottMeehleib rather than the ban Josh... page. Sue

2011-03-29 17:49:50   you must be trolling...

moreover season 3 ep 10 SVU is also wrong

and forcible oral copulation != rape, cause "you can't rape a penis"

also the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (1999) estimated that 91% of United States rape victims were female and 9% were male, with 99% of the offenders being male and 1% of the offenders being female.

Much like female erectile response and contrary to popular opinion, male erectile response is involuntary meaning that a man need not consent mentally or physically for his penis to become erect and be placed in a woman's vagina. Penetration of a man by a woman is possible through use of a strap-on or other object. Rape of a man by a woman could also occur when limited sexual activities are agreed upon and a man's penis is placed in a woman in violation of the limits that had been set. Rape of a man by a woman is thus possible in several ways.

I was catching up on the JL Ban on my cellphone and your comment was the only one that was whack, I culled that data in under a minute with google

in an unrelated note I'm somehow reminded by the tail end of your comment of a video I saw where people were petitioning to end women suffrage and tons of chicks were signing it —StevenDaubert

Hi Olivia, I responded to your comment, and I reposted it here: SueHjerpe. The Ban page was deleted. -SM

2011-03-29 23:17:30   I read that thing about the urethra penetrating as well, instructions and everything. DO NOT WANT. —hankim

2011-03-31 18:47:27   Psst... Mammoth Nut Brown now on tap at the Beer Shoppe. Thanks for your patronage! —TaylorRamos

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