Patrick Proctor moved to Davis in April 2004, a transplant from Boston, MA., and now lives in San Francisco. He is one of the founders of Local Produce Link.

He was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in Squid Hickeys, as well as a solo musician ([WWW] In January 2006, he began hosting the open mic at the Delta of Venus on Monday nights, and stopped doing so in May of the same year.


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2006-03-11 02:00:44   Hey Patrick, what other artists do you have in mind for your tribute nights? I think its a cool idea, something I might be interested in participating in when a favorite artist arises. I voice my support for a Neil Young night! —BrianAng

2006-03-13 10:02:47   Brian, we're doing Bowie this month. Neil Young's definitely a possibility for the future! —PatrickProctor

2006-03-26 00:58:15   Patrick's solo stuff is awesome! —GrahamFreeman

2006-03-27 22:51:38   hey man, we met a couple of weeks ago at the open mic, sorry i couldn't make it to David Bowie night. —RyanTownsend

2006-04-12 09:19:33   I mentioned this to you at the Delta: you said that there is no tribute night this month, however it is still listed on the Delta website which might confuse people. —BrianAng

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