Hi! I'm a librarian at the Physical Sciences and Engineering Library; I am the librarian for computer science, electrical engineering and physics. I can you help you find stuff, and I buy books in these areas as well. Feel free to come in or email me with reference questions or suggestions.

I work a lot on [wikipedia]another pretty well-known wiki too.


<psayers AT uc davis DOT  edu>
IM: phoebeayers

She also totally [WWW]wrote a book on how wikipedia works!


There are many libraries in Davis.
* The Yolo Public Library is nicer than ever after their recent makeover and has some great places to study, as well as a lovely selection of pleasure reading.
* The main library on campus is Shields Library, where you can find most subjects. Protip: the recent magazines and newspapers are in the basement.
* the library I work in, the Physical Sciences and Engineering Library, is known as a quiet place to study as well as home of all of the engineering & physical science books
* the Carlson Health Sciences Library down by the stadium/genome building, is another quiet place to study


There is a Wikipedia meetup group in the Bay Area/Berkeley. Should there be one in Davis?


I use the daviswiki a lot for restaurant info. Some of my favorite cheap meals in Davis:

* Chicken shwarma with fries at Sam's Mediterranean — as good as any I've had anywhere, including the middle east.
* Village bakery pizza — nom. Especially the $5 lunch special of slice + salad
* California (potato) burrito at Taqueria Davis. Consistently outstanding. I love potato burritos.
* Crispy fish tacos at El Mariachi. Hard to eat but worth the challenge. Their veggie burritos are also yummy.
* Mac and cheese from the hot food bar at the co-op. Yum. Also, the veggie sushi rolls from the co-op.
* orange chicken from House of Chang. A particularly good rendition of this totally bad for you chinese-american classic.
* Salt bagel and cream cheese from Posh Bagel. A good salt bagel is hard to find. I also often order an avocado & cream cheese bagel sandwich there, which I wish they would just go ahead and put on the menu.
* tofu burger from Burgers and brew — the place gets on my nerves sometimes but their smoked tofu is delicious, as are the fries.
* California crepe from Crepeville; I love the avocado + sundried tomato combo.
* the Malibu from that new sandwich place — it's like a pound of pastrami plus avocado. Nontraditional but yummy, if one is in the mood for serious meat.
* Adam's Special at Delta of Venus - almost the only thing I order at DoV because it's so good.
* Lamb gyro from the gyro truck on campus, which is (fortunately? unfortunately?) mere steps away from my office.
* dumplings from the chinese dumpling formerly fish & chips place
* tom kha gai from Thai Nakorn (it has cabbage, which is bizarre, but it's tasty); stir-frys from Taste of Thai.
* tamales from the davis farmer's market — my number-one out-of-towner meal pick
* popsicles from Jaymes' Fat Face
* popcorn from the Davis Varsity — while not a meal per se I am picky about movie theater popcorn, and this is not only by far the best in town but one of the best in the area.

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