This page is for discussion requesting the ban of Reneng due to [WWW]recent edits.

Reneng, some months ago attacked the apartment staff of AllegreApartments repeatedly and in a clearly malicious manner personally and on their page, insinuating that they had maligned him in some way. The Apartment staff repeatedly asked him to come in and address it personally with them-he refused and continued badgering them on here. He was requested to either put up details or stop—he put up some vague details but nothing concrete. The general consensus was that he was out-of-line in his attacks. For awhile it did stop but he has now started again.

Today I received a request: 2011-02-16 11:24:58 That Reneng guy is trolling again... Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks! —Richard —AllegreApartments

I do not take this lightly but I request this be a proposal to ban Reneng for consistently and continually trolling against Allegre.

I just re-read reneng's edits in their entirety. I think I was conflating some of his/her stuff with that other anonymous editor who kept messing with an apartment page. Reneng's edits are bad, and (s)he needs to stop fiddling with the Allegre page. As long as he does so—or even if he just leaves one comment actually describing what happened to him, rather than trying to start or continue arguments—I don't think there's any reason for a ban. —tg


The cited edits are not sufficient for a ban. This is so clear, debating this wastes all our time. That isn't to say that nothing needs to be done with Reneng at this point, but banning isn't the answer yet. Let's delete this page so we don't waste any further time on this talk of banning.



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