I am Richard Bruce, You can find me on the Internet under the name richleebruce, because my name is Richard Lee Bruce.

I am a parishioner at St. James, where I currently lead the Charismatic and Intercessory Pray Group. This is the Link to my group web page. [WWW]

I also am active in suggesting and buying religious media for the Yolo public library and encouraging Catholics in Yolo County to use these materials.
[WWW] Here is a list of religious movies you can check out for free. [WWW]

I work for the Davis public schools as a substitute teacher, yard, and detention room supervisor at Davis High school. I occasionally do other schools.

I have a YouTube channel, richleebruce. Here is a play list of videos on Davis high [WWW]

I am particularly know for my songs about Davis High. Here is a play list of those. [WWW]

Steve Daubert asked, am I Senor Bruce?

Senor Bruce? Daubert

Yes Steve Daubert I am Senor Bruce, alias Gargamel, Smurf Killer, Mr Burns, Smithers, the Bread Man, Senor Pumkin or Mr Pumkin.

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