Roarasaurus - I'm interested in knowing how you were able to deduce so much of the network infrastructure's configurations at the Ramble. —ICL

ICL - In the same way that I was able to deduce your approximate location in Austin, TX from your IP address. I have a higher level of understanding than my comments on the Ramble page may indicate. There's just no incentive to go into further detail about your network infrastructure (e.g., public IP configurations), ways to get around packet shaping (getting more than 12x12), or how I've figured all this stuff out. —Roarasaurus

Thanks for all the new pictures!! —CovertProfessor

Love the animated rain picture. I'm glad The Ramble page doesn't read like a huge advertisement any more. —argyle

Good catch. Also still a fan of your Ramble ramblings ~SD

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