Name: Russ Bowlus

Age: 38

Occupation: Civil Engineer for the CA DWR, Division of Safety of Dams

Hobbies: Cars and Music

Background: Graduated UCD in 1997 with a BS in Civil Engineering. Member of the Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh! for the *cough*six*cough* years he attended school, playing in the drum section and serving two years on the Officer Council as Assistant Drum Major (94) and Drum Major (95). Also drove for Unitrans for four years (employee number 390, 2000 driving hours, booyah!) and Fleet Services (driving the UCD charter buses) for three. Lives in East Davis with his wife (also a UCD graduate), new son, three cars (currently: 98 BMW 328i, 00 Protege, 94 Miata), and no pets.

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