sizzle.jpgon a recent business tripsizzle2.jpga picture of Sam taken earlier this winter

Sam is six feet five inches of pure man. This twenty-three year old Chico, California native once worked at the Aggie as a cartoonist and as a graphic designer at Campus Rec, but now is the graphic designer and photographer at The UC Davis School of Law.

If you'd like to take a peek at his [WWW]life, which hasn't been updated in about two years, he's cool with that. His new life can be viewed [WWW]here.

Sam also has a cat named Tiger who does nothing but take take take.

Sam is the kind of guy you can see at Sudwerk and yell hi to, and he'll respond with a wave and a big smile like he's known you for years. And that, makes him awesome. -MichelleAccurso

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