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samblonde.jpgBoo! Nice to meet you! This is an old photo samglasses1.jpgThis is a NEW photo, April 2006. Clearly, I am a CHAMELEON! frankiedante.jpgThese are my cats Dante and Frankie, as taken by Paul. Aren't they precious?! yomainhand.jpgMy year-and-four-month-old corn snake, Yoma, is the love of my life. You can see more pictures of him, including his growth, [WWW]here samandro.jpgMe and my lovely roommate, Ro, at the best bar in Davis, LP.

I graduated from UC Davis in 2004 with a BA in Anthropology and a minor in English. I stayed in Davis for two years after that (work and know), but recently moved to Portland, OR. to live the big city life. I used to live in The 230 with the hottest bunch of women in Davis. It was probably the best year of all six, and to say that I miss the girls very much would be an understatement. Davis, you are loved.

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Samantha cannot snap her fingers or whistle. - KenjiYamada

Samantha is hella hot and yet very cool. Sexiest paradox ever. - NxTx

2005-03-24 13:27:03   Hey, Samantha. If you upload your pictures to the Wiki rather than linking them, you can be sure that they will always display. —JabberWokky

2005-03-25 10:06:10   Thanks for letting me know! I will fix them all as soon as I get home, where I have access to my pics. =) —SamanthaWagner

2005-03-25 14:17:32   Sam, remember to preview before you save — saving too much ties up the server. Also, be sure and tell us what you change with the comment box. —ArlenAbraham

2005-03-25 17:24:29   Thanks Arlen, I will. Sorry about that! —SamanthaWagner

2005-03-30 18:02:00   I loved the cisco pic. I also love your beautiful face. —KennyOrtiz

2005-09-24 16:31:23   You need to learn how to whistle! Humming through puckered lips does not count! The only other person I know who can't whistle does that.. please tell me you have never... —RobertHester

2008-10-21 22:07:37   Hi Samantha...just completely new to Davis Wiki and wikis in general except for Wikipedia....stumbled accidentally on your page and thought you might enjoy checking out my website (I'm not spamming, I swear!) and I'm not sure if it's okay even to put in a live link here but go to handsonsnakes dot com. I'm over in Sonoma County and helping my friend Julie get her wiki up for her massage school. (massage therapy institute) I have a few snake good stories on my site...I like yoma, reverse okatees are my fave corn...we have a reptile bazaar over in petaluma and I know you guys have BARS over here....I saw a great herp lecture about 15 years ago in Davis with a couple of great big northern pines....pines and bulls and milks/large kings and rats are my favorite. Just putting together my profile now here. cheers! —DouglasHall

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