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2010-03-04 11:43:22   I just noticed the wave, sorry it took so long to get back to you... —JoePomidor

2010-05-21 17:18:10   Hello, I am unsure if you know this or not, but everyone is able to see whenever a user makes any edit. It seems like you wanted [WWW]this edit to be anonymous (or maybe you let someone else post from your account), but just in case, I thought I should let you know. And welcome to the Wiki! —hankim

2011-01-17 18:24:59   You ought to write a letter to A) the apartment office; B) the management company; and C) the owner, if you can get the contact info. A basic demand letter laying out what you're owed and the law, and explaining that you'll contact BBB and file suit in small claims court if you aren't paid in a timely manner.

City of Davis also has a conflict resolution resource that can help you get your deposit back without having to resort to small claims court (hopefully). [WWW]

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