Hi. I'm Shannon DeArmond. I've been living in the Davis area since 1997. I'm editor in chief for [WWW]The Yolo Crow, a quarterly literary magazine showcasing the poetry and short stories of writers here in Yolo County. You can find The Yolo Crow at the [WWW]Avid Reader or [WWW]Newsbeat in Davis, and at Jerry Cloutier's Used Books in [woodland]Woodland. Would you like to submit your own work to The Crow? [WWW]Click Here. We'd love to here from you!

When I'm not frantically trying to get our next edition out, I like prowling through the wonderful local bookstores in downtown Davis. I also keep a [WWW]personal blog.


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2008-09-26 18:24:57   I deleted the Wear it Naturally page from Davis Wiki because there is a [woodland]page for it on the Woodland Wiki. You can link to it using [wiki:woodland:"Wear it Naturally"]. —JasonAller

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