Hi! My name is Stephanie Bui and I am an undergraduate student at UC Davis studying Managerial Economics.

I am an administrative assistant for the Department of Plant Pathology & Nematology and the Department of Entomology. I spend most of my time studying and working. However, in my spare time I love trying new restaurants. I enjoy sharing my great (and not so great experiences) with others. I try stray away from writing extremely negative reviews. It's my way of practicing, "If you don't have something nice to say, DON'T SAY IT AT ALL".


I'm just another foodie!

I'm currently in my last year at UC Davis. Time sure does fly! How would I sum up my experience at Davis, you ask? It truly has been amazing. I've met wonderful people that have changed my life. I've also been given opportunities that I would not have had otherwise. And lastly, I've become a very well-rounded person by taking courses offered at the university. My first year of college, I took an entomology courses for GE credit and fell in love so much... I ended up spending a whole year studying insects. I also took courses about beer-making, wine economics, and fungi in our society. The courses have challenged me to be a critical thinker and ask questions. I wouldn't trade my undergrad experience for anything.

Above all, I love that Davis is a place where people care. You're not just another statistic in this town, you're a member of the community.

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