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''2007-03-05 11:33:20'' [[nbsp]] Steve, I have called and left several messages. If you are able to update the wiki, does that mean you have time to speak briefly? It is important that we talk. --["JabberWokky"]


Name: Steven Ostrowski

Phone Number: (530) 604-9154

Office: Underground Headquarters

AIM: empirestv

Live Journal: [WWW]

Myspace: [WWW]

Steve is a third year Political Science major and hopes to one day take over the world. His first two years at UC Davis were exclusively built on religious activities. Steve worked with the Newman Center, the Tijuana House Project, and the St. James RCIA program. Shortly after the Winter 2006 ASUCD election Steve considered the creation of the Christian Slate and made ASUCD an obsession. Steve's activism made him visible to the Leadership Institute which assisted and trained Steve concerning politics on the campus. While holding no current position within ASUCD Steve is in control of The Davis Enforcer, campaign manager to up to four independents, is the campaign executive of two ballot measures, and has attempted to pass numerous Senate Bills. While in ASUCD Steve has made several secret negotiations which has allowed him to know information the average student wouldn't be privledged to know. His long term goals and secret dealings have given Steve an unpredictable public agenda.

Steve has other interests such as music, he is a saxophone player. He tends to collect a great deal of international techno, Scandinavian metal, American rock, and occassionally classical music. Steve also has an interest in radio and hopes to one day have a KDVS show dedicated entirely to ASUCD news and information as well as playing his favorite music tracks. Steve is also an anime and manga fan of selective titles and enjoys some Japanese movies. Steve also has a fascination with business and hopes to work in advertising and telecommunications. See his public page here.

Wiki Mission

To establish the visible presence and goals of the Steven Empire here at Davis and on the UC Davis campus. Steve will balance out the biased and politically damaging edits of those who are in power in UC Davis and in the City of Davis. He desires to protect minority perspectives and individuals within Davis from edits designed to ruin their image. Steve deems it necessary to protest institutions and individuals who rarely use the Davis Wiki. And of course Steve hopes to use the Davis Wiki as a way to test out prototype ideas and strategies by receiving immediate feedback from others. Steve also likes to nitpick at particular details he deems overly biased or not up to date.

ASUCD Legislative Victories

Senate Bill striking all mentions of "student" concerning the ASUCD Court in the Judicial Codes. 12-0-0
Senate Bill that sort of updated the Bylaws concerning the UCSA report. 12-0-0
Senate Bill that allocates $500 as a grant and $500 as a loan towards the Tijuana Project. The loan is to be paid back by April 15th 2007. 12-0-0

Here are his current activities:

Past Projects:

1700 Edits

SteveOstrowski's Statistics

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* "Clearly atheist run states like Red China and the Soviet Union cause more attrocities than any Christian state. The ideal society rarely functions correctly if the people in charge are corrupt." Then why are you playing at being a politician?

2006-12-06 03:48:48   This debate is so tiresome. The church has been around for centuries and will continue to rule the minds and hearts of people long after us. The atheism of the Soviet Union and China killed millions of people, eliminated religious freedom, and was the greatest source of intolerance in the history of man. You seek to consider all the mistakes of church societies but they can never compare to the acts of men who have no faith, no hope, no purpose, and who make themselves their own god for the brief time their lives allow. The secular side brings moral chaos, relativism, and it will only be a matter of time before the secular side will lose what small gains it has acheived. —SteveOstrowski

2006-12-07 04:22:33   What coup do you speak of? Certainly not like the one in Figi. —MaxMikalonis

2006-12-07 10:48:07   Nah, like Figi, we had a chat about it after you were gone. —SteveOstrowski

2006-12-07 11:38:52   Its Fiji, dangit. (= —KrisFricke

2006-12-07 11:57:32   Kris, Kris, Kris... clearly they are talking about the coup in recent years by the marketers of Figi pudding. As in the classic Christmas Carol: Oh, bring us a figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer. Figi is clearly the "l33t" street spelling of this newly popular 16th century foodstuff. —JabberWokky

2006-12-07 15:01:06   LOL —MaxMikalonis

2006-12-07 23:05:26   I would not call the TJ house project a victory for you. —JamesSchwab

I will concede that it was a group effort, and I thank you for your involvement and support of the passing of the bill. —SteveOstrowski

2006-12-08 01:25:02   Can the butterfly flapping its wings in China be blamed for the hurricane? Perhaps not, but without it the wind would have been mild. —JosephBleckman

2006-12-08 01:31:25   Beautiful man, by the way I got confirmed for Academic Senate, you need to do that ASAP next quarter. —SteveOstrowski

2006-12-11 02:42:45   I asked what ACT has done "as an organization", not that its members are democratic, not that joseph ran before on (arguably) progressive principles. Anyways, we both know that democratic does not equal progressive. —MaxMikalonis

Joseph as an ACT member has passed progressive legislation in the Senate.

2006-12-11 02:56:15   Joseph has passed no Legislation in the Senate, his Leg. about scholarships wasn't progressive, and most of the time his vote has been against legislation that could be argued progressive. Additionally, much of what Joseph has done was before ACT, before the first election. Additionally, you are still addressing ACT members not the ACT organization. —MaxMikalonis

I will fight you to the ends of the Earth! —SteveOstrowski

That statement seems rather out of place as it is incongruentish with.. logic? I dunno, most of the stuff that you put out into the senate seems silly and addresses issues that are not problems, and though they are interesting and provoke new thought, do not do terribly much to help with the goals and objectives of ASUCD, many are just silly (ergo patriotic stuff). So I have to ask, regarding all your actions, what is your motivation in all this, why? ~DavePoole

2006-12-12 13:25:13   Hey, Steve... what kind of animé do you like? —JabberWokky

Bleach, Naruto, DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Evangelion, Big O, Blood +, Hellsing, Appleseed, and some movies that I find. Some times I like the Japanese version better than the English, it depends on the voice acting. —SteveOstrowski

2006-12-12 16:02:28   Shouldn't all the non-comment edits to this page go on Steve's public page? —WilliamLewis

First of all Paul, there were more bills that failed than that, and second this is my personal page which gives me the freedom to be as vain as I feel necessary. —SteveOstrowski

2006-12-12 16:27:29   I know Max is trying to be nasty, but if you did work on that many bills, that's damn impressive. Did you have any that passed? What was your involvement in the bills (or am I being mislead by merely obnoxious behaviour)? —JabberWokky

2006-12-12 16:28:00   I agree its not shady for you to take over the Progressive Coalition, just impossible. You couldn't take over an ant hill. —PaulHarms

2006-12-12 16:52:02   Steve — they are not your opponents. They are merely adding their own edits. If you're getting worked up, take a break. No worries... we're just editing versions back and forth. What's your objection to the current version (although it's hard to point to the "current" as it's probably changed since I started typing this). It's okay... no need to delete as a kneejerk act... those bills are yours, and part of your legacy. It's nice to list them. The tenor of the text is questionable, but work with people, don't simply have a tug of war. —JabberWokky

2006-12-12 17:36:29   Was SR #4 the one For Measure K? —MaxMikalonis

2006-12-13 07:03:28   Hey, that's their choice. It certainly gets them noticed, that's for sure. As a new slate, that's a bonus. As an established slate, it probably works against them. Something like the fable about the tiger and the tail. —JabberWokky

2006-12-14 15:47:39   No prob. —SteveOstrowski

2006-12-22 09:54:58   The ASUCD Academic Senate Representatives page should be linked from somewhere. —JasonAller

2006-12-28 13:38:58   Holy shit! We almost agreed on something! —GrahamFreeman

2007-01-03 15:36:41   Fb —MaxMikalonis

2007-01-12 15:48:38   You got a position!? —JosephBleckman

2007-01-12 16:32:15   I assure you I will fight to the best of my ability to make it close at Senate next Thursday. —SteveOstrowski

2007-01-18 14:50:15   Hi Steve —CarlosOverstreet

2007-01-18 16:54:55   Hi, how are you doing? —SteveOstrowski

2007-01-18 21:48:52   Yeah, I totally didn't understand your comment the way it was written before. I thought you were saying that the people had a right to know whether or not the pictures should stay..ugh. —PhilipNeustrom

2007-01-18 21:57:56   Even so, what would be wrong with that? —SteveOstrowski

2007-01-30 14:59:13   Steven, take it from me because I have learned things like this the hard way, but are you ever concerned that future employers in the political world will do [WWW]this? —RobRoy

2007-02-05 02:38:19   Steve, just because you got fired does not mean their is a campus-wide conspiracy against you. —JamesSchwab 2007-02-05 02:50:01   Not a conspiracy, all reality. —SteveOstrowski

2007-02-07 13:17:58   HI-larious dood. Keep digging. —KarlMogel

2007-02-07 17:27:46   hey steve, you might consider taking a wiki chill pill and trying [c2]Exponential Backoff Editing. —ArlenAbraham

2007-02-08 21:41:32   Steven has been seen going from class room to class room specifically erasing LEAD chalking. —JamesSchwab

Oh and as far as The Davis Enforcer not endorsing people. That is like saying Fox News doesn't endorse the George Bush agenda. Oh Steven, sometime I envy your innocence. I bet you think that Star Wars actually happened, somewhere, long ago and far away. Palpatine is a cheater, so I guess I shouldn't except anything less than you emulating your idols. —RobRoy

2007-02-09 12:52:00   I think someone here should consider taking a permanant break from ASUCD poltiics. —KarlMogel

2007-02-09 13:12:54   Everyone's taking their kiddie government too seriously. —JoshFernandez

2007-02-09 14:49:42   In context to this conversation, the first time I really interacted with Steve was when he im'd me last May or June about Christian Slate stuff. He got my info from facebook, and as we know he loved facebook. A friend in a computer lab told me he was trying to look up Jaime Rabba too (who had left a comment). Anyway, he was fanatical about "must win" and "beating LEAD" and all that stuff. I still have the aim conversation, I was so confused, I felt like it was all a game to him, and his response was something like a game I must win! Oh, and that the Christian Slate stuff was just a front to get a voter base because it worked for Keith Shively, and how he just needed the votes and didn't care how he got them because he just needed 1 seat, etc. I guess he was more upfront about this stuff back then. —EdwinSaada

2007-02-09 16:16:42   When we talked way back then, you had mentioned how LEAD was "running a Communist", and your slates have always been against communist resolutions or whatever here on the Wiki. I remember your blog post [WWW]Silence Them, about the guy who walked into an African American Studies class to [WWW]write a racist, derogatory midterm. I just thought about your point of If you want to destroy an idea you need to silence them in the press, find those who did it, and disappear them. I was wondering whether you consider it similar to how communist countries such as China have been repeatedly accused of silencing critics, and of censoring their media or closing down papers that print things against what they want. The professor upon finding the midterm should have kept it for a little while and quietly waited for someone to try to claim it. After the quarter is over shred it. No news story, no controversy, no problem. But of course you seldom find reasonable people even among the educated elite. Thoughts and ideals like that are what worry me about people trying to get into any political power, even as minor as ASUCD. Almost sounds like what communist China actually does, or other dictatorships have done. For someone so anti-communist, and so pro-democracy like you always wanted, it just (almost) surprised me that you're in favor of such ideals. Maybe a bill can be passed to turn the Aggie into the [WWW]Happy News. -ES

2007-02-09 21:41:26   Hey Steve... are you going to be starting the other AS paper? —CarlosOverstreet

2007-02-11 14:56:56   Since your appreciation of free speech would not let me post this on your LJ, here ya go: Have a problem with the hiring process? Change it.And no the amount of people is not enough to outreach to everyone, but change happens slowly. Steve, LEAD may be in power, but we would never be powerful enough to give you a job. You did some great bi-partisan work these past two quarters getting every political slate to unite and not want you in ASUCD, LEAD, Focus, and Ignite. I really want to thank you for bringing me closer to Ajlouny and Molnar, I do enjoy talking to them. You have had such a positive impact on my life and I just wanted you to know that. Good luck on your future endeavors. —JamesSchwab

2007-02-12 02:13:50   Its Ironic that I use the first amendment to protect your pages, while you use it to defame my character and make money for the Enforcer. —MaxMikalonis

2007-02-13 11:54:32   Nice edit to the Sara Henry entry, Steve. Adding information is a good thing. The linked article doesn't quite support the verb "urged", perhaps a quote from the records might be a better citation? Regardless, it's a good addition to the entry, linking the events and people. —JabberWokky

2007-02-13 17:54:46   Are you good with website design? Why not add a link from the website to the pdf issue? There's a lot of good sites with basic html markup to help you edit it, or even lots of free software that makes a page for you. Or I guess you could ask the Leadership Institute to make a page for you, since they did the video :P —EdwinSaada

2007-02-13 17:56:06   Dude, I have the link that goes right to it. No prob. —SteveOstrowski

2007-02-13 17:57:17   Well, I meant the website itself is kind of useless then... —EdwinSaada

2007-02-13 18:01:29   Indeed it is....the website justs hosts the file for now. —SteveOstrowski

2007-02-19 11:13:31   Can you update the Unity in Christ page and link it from somewhere? —JasonAller

2007-02-22 00:25:24   Ok, well I'll take your word for it Steve, but only because you're a fellow Trekkie and power metal fan. Sorry for the baseless assumption. I'm sure that after five years on this campus there are plenty of people that are just plain tired of me and would have the urge to tear down a flier with my picture on it. I just assumed it was you because the fliers I saw missing were near LEAD fliers that were town down, and that, I assumed, was done by you. —RobRoy

Your flyers should be avenged, do you know the location of where the incident occured? —SteveOstrowski

2007-02-22 21:43:33   Steve, there's a difference between criticizing people and making bigoted statements about them. If you can't tell the difference then that is unfortunate; you can't equate the two. Are you talking about the essays where I criticize the religious opposition to evolution? This is grand coming from someone who devoted a summer trying to get atheists banned from MySpace. I'm a very opinionated person, and I don't think that religion helps people to be better people (obviously, it did nothing for you). If atheism leads to moral chaos, then how is it that I consider it to be unethical to lie, whereas, it is status quo for your ASUCD political life? You still haven't unequivocally answered the question I left on your blog - now that your second email was outed, do you unequivocally deny that you had any knowledge of, or wrote the email from "The Emperor"? —KarlMogel

2007-02-22 22:08:30   Have fun in Texas! —GregWebb

2007-02-25 19:57:47   You picked an interesting place to stop in the process of editing Communications Affordability Committee. I can't tell if it is the start of something serious and badly explained, or a joke to which you left off the punchline. You identified it as non-ASCUD, but didn't identified the parent organization for the committee. —JasonAller

I did indeed, my superiors have advised me to go no farther at this time. Soon a facebook group will be created and it will be linked. —SteveOstrowski

2007-02-25 23:19:53   Your superiors? —StevenDaubert

Steve, are you related or do you know who this MarieGruca individual is, she seems to be making edits from out of state on issues local to here with a spin that is incredibly biased and hateful, just asking because you added her page saying she is from San Jose, which does not seem to be her current location given her IP address. ~DavePoole

My IP address tracker says San Jose, I find it interesting when people from out of town comment on local events. If you know different then change the location. Once a user is made into a profile page they can then be answerable for their comments. —SteveOstrowski ~David

2007-02-26 16:25:37   Steven Patrick Ostrowski... you are unbelievable... you've managed to turn Davis Wiki into some kind of liberal police state/place...Freak'n A. —CarlosOverstreet

2007-02-27 10:18:55   Heh, but I think that, as one of the seven sacraments, Matrimony cuts a slightly deeper imprint upon society than the Davis Enforcer. No offense to the paper or it's editors. :) —JabberWokky

2007-02-27 10:23:14   Okay. —JabberWokky

2007-02-27 15:43:15   Please tell me WHY we need another abortion debate page on the internet when there are tons of others out there? Why does the Wiki need to be a forum? Why does this wiki need to have a huge page about something that is not specifically relevant to Davis? The page needs to die. —WilliamLewis -
2007-02-27 15:46:39   It doesn't really relate to the opinions of Davis, it relates to the opinion of the Davis Wiki editors, which isn't much use. Information about the Davis demographics (polls, etc) would be apropriate on the Abortion entry itself. —JabberWokky

2007-02-28 22:12:53   Dude, Marie is probably not actually anywhere near San Jose. See IP Addresses. —GrahamFreeman

2007-02-28 22:16:12   Read what it says under the Privacy heading on IP Addresses. —GrahamFreeman

2007-03-01 13:30:41   hey, i was just wondering why you removed ToNils' entry on the Bisto 33 page. for future reference, if you remove someone else's personal comments, please document the reason for the edit —CraigBrozinsky

2007-03-01 23:01:50   Why did you delete my comment on Catlin Stars page... I've know her for many years now, and I didn't get a response from her yet. I wonder why? Not cool... —StevenDaubert

I will end you. — CarlosOverstreet I must break you. —Steve Ostrowski will be ruined. — CarlosOverstreet

2007-03-02 17:18:58   Revert buttons at fifty paces. En garde! —KarlMogel

2007-03-04 15:38:02   steve, i'm a little confused about your wiki philosophy. would you be willing to write a little blurb, ala the one [WWW]saul wrote? specifically, i'm interested to know your feeling on when it is appropriate to delete comments (e.g., i still have no idea why you removed ToNil's relevant entry on the Bistro33 page, but you're currently telling people not to remove SD's no longer relevant entry on the choice voting page). —CraigBrozinsky

Steve, I am hardly being rash. My reason for deleting your page is because it simply linked all the information back to yourself, it seemed that this was not a company but just another page for yourself. You can go ahead and try to sell your product, but unless you want people calling you at the wee hours of the morning, I suggest that you create a page with information about the company rather than yourself. This is like Daubert and his multitude of redirecting pages, it is just more wiki clutter. Anyway, I gotta run to class, when I get back I will look into your business, because it does exist apparently, and then see about creating a page for it, that is if it deserves it. ~DavePoole

2007-03-05 09:28:50   Steve, you have been an editor on this wiki for quite awhile. I am asking you very seriously to reconsider your editing style and make an effort to compromise and work with other editors, recognizing their input and allowing it to be represented on entries. —JabberWokky

2007-03-05 11:33:20   Steve, I have called and left several messages. If you are able to update the wiki, does that mean you have time to speak briefly? It is important that we talk. —JabberWokky

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