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2011-06-11 19:10:18   Hello and welcome to the Wiki! I personally would not bring my pet rock to the place but the situation is sort of volatile right now and accounts with only one edit regarding a controversial topic usually only make things worse, so you should lurk less and contribute more! —hankim

2011-06-21 18:47:00   Hi AngryDiner, are you trying to make more conflict? It has been pretty much agreed on all sides that the issue was resolved and everyone has moved on. If you used your real name and gave info about why you feel so strongly you would find that everyone on the wiki is pretty cool. Please remember the wiki is not a weapon and shouldn't be used to initiate conflict. —jsbmeb

2011-06-21 19:02:14   As jsbmeb said, it seems that you're only trying to stir up trouble, and that is not what the wiki is for. Otherwise, your comment had no point and was not really about the business at all. If you've been paying attention as closely as you say, you'd see that I have often disagreed with the side you seem to imply I'm taking. My main goal is and has been to try to keep the wiki from getting enmeshed in a debate that it doesn't belong in. How about you try to edit some other pages and establish some identity? —CovertProfessor

2011-06-21 20:06:36   If you really are curious, why not just call them yourself? —hankim

2011-06-21 20:31:15   Just to show you there's a very strong consensus, I'm going to agree with all the comments on this page. —Davidlm

2011-06-21 20:58:25   Agreed...why don't you drive by and take a pic and put it up??? —Users/PeterBoulay

2011-06-25 19:48:43   Hunh? I didn't change the hours. Or at least I didn't intend to... —JabberWokky

2011-06-25 20:41:53   Am I right in guessing you're associated with Pawsitive? It's hard to imagine why else you'd have such hostility toward Craft. —TomGarberson

2011-07-03 12:22:16   Happy 4th of July to all friendly wiksters, don't over smoke your ribs, don't over cook them, don't drink too much, have fun. And you guys thought I was gonna say something else, huh? -Diner —Theangrydiner

2011-07-10 17:13:03   By all accounts, Phil has — in the real world, not Phil's version of the world — very little to do with the actual business. If I act like an idiot about Woodstock's Pizza, should the Woodstock's Pizza entry be slammed as a result? Should I slam Pawsitive Groomers because you made aggressive edits against Craft of Fo' Paws? If Phil ran the business, I might agree with you... but the only connection to the business that Phil has in in Phil's own mind (note that the people now editing are not adding his name... he's not a groomer, owner or manager, although they are now all listed). I'll bet you that there are probably other businesses in town with random family members who are jerks. That doesn't really reflect on the business unless they are involved in the business. And it looks more and more like Phil isn't involved in Craft of Fo' Paws. —JabberWokky

2011-07-10 17:18:15   [WWW]And now it has been stated explicitly. —JabberWokky

2011-07-17 12:26:47   wienerschnitzl 50yrs. .61 cents on all hotdogs today only! —Theangrydiner

2011-07-21 16:51:35   Thanks for your question about the curbside recycling bins. Both Davis and UC Davis have dual stream recycling—paper is collected separately from glass, plastic and cans. Since the paper is kept separate from the containers, the paper is of a higher quality (less contamination) and can be marketed a lot easier and for a higher value. When paper is mixed with other recyclables (in a single-stream system), it becomes dirty, and often is recycled into “lower grade” recycled products. Davis has a high recycling rate—currently 60% of our waste is recycled. Some folks will always try to throw recyclables in the trash, but a lot of folks in Davis are doing the right thing and recycling. —jgilbert

2011-07-25 13:40:04   Yes. —CovertProfessor

2011-07-30 12:37:29   At this point, who knows. I've talked to a few people directly connected to things, and it's pretty clear to me now that anything Phil said should be discounted. That said, it's kind of hard to sort out what actually exists. Things will probably eventually be settled: there's a court date on Monday, and I have a feeling that somebody will eventually swing through Woodland and take a photo or two of the business to actually settle things there (somebody already did awhile back, but they hadn't opened yet). There are a few entries on the wiki that have been split out into current and former versions of things that share names; it's possible that even if they do share the same name, it may make sense to do something similar in this case, given the discontinuity and change of nearly all groomers. But that discussion should probably wait until things are a bit more final. —JabberWokky

2011-10-08 23:24:55   I put that there after telling Ivan about the wiki and asking him what he has to say to people who dislike his business, then I asked if I could quote him prominently and he said yes.I figured it was appropriate since I've been visiting the hotdogger since I was but a whee lass and it is quintessential Ivan... You know, very Frank —StevenDaubert

2011-10-12 10:22:40   Nope, but if you want to create one from scratch (be warned: it's a big big task, and you'll probably need to write a couple hundred useful entries before it catches on), you can either go to [wikispot]Create a Wiki on Wikispot, or consider starting a pilot [WWW]localwiki community. The latter is on software in development, and so you may run into things that aren't working quite right, and it won't be public for awhile (and you can't do a wiki link from DavisWiki as a result). —JabberWokky

2011-11-08 17:24:44   Hello diner! I know the lovely ladies at PG's as well (in fact i work with the owner's sister), and while I agree with you 100% on his craziness, you are not likely to find any support for banning his business pages... On the other hand, go to town with the comments!!—Davidlm

2011-11-12 17:24:50   Oops sorry i deleted a whole page, only wanted to edit the banned editor —Theangrydiner

2011-12-04 11:09:12   Yeah, I just knew he did hauling at one point, so I wasn't sure when I first saw it. After poking around, I've seen the emails and phone numbers... and I think I could guess this Phil's last name. It's not the same guy. Do you know if the business is still operating out of Woodland? —JabberWokky

2012-01-08 20:00:06   Any wiki can only ban on their own wiki. Some ban everybody, requiring signups. The list at Davis Wiki only covers this wiki, and is pretty fully documented in the talk page. Only a handful of people have ever been banned here. Many spam accounts, however, have (almost always out of Asia). —JabberWokky

2012-01-08 20:01:46   Each Wiki Spot wiki is free to run themselves as they wish. Perhaps you didn't know that? —JabberWokky

2012-02-09 20:24:19   Thanks for the new voice. I'm really hoping this is a "hitting bottom" point. The question is where it goes from here. —JabberWokky

2012-04-09 18:52:14   A place to try in Sacramento is Bud's Buffet, it's about 50 yards south of J St, on 10th St. All different meat sandwiches for about $7, about 4 inches thick and super fresh and homemade. Wish Davis could do this, but probably not. A nice lunch like this if able to be done in Davis would probably be about $60, isn't that so sad. —Theangrydiner

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