Thomas is just this guy, you know?

He was in the California Aggie Marching Band-Uh for four years.
He got a [wikipedia]BS of CS from the LS in the Spring of '06.
He was the reason why you'd lock your bike up on campus.
He loves Hamburger Helper, especially with ground turkey.
He is currently single, straight, and looking.
He was a Beta Tester for DavisWiki before it went public.
He drinks a lot of milk.
He has the same birthday as Matt Nagel. April 19th, for anyone who cares.
He used to catch spiders in a cup and set them free, but now he just squashes them. Especially large ones.
He is a cat person, not a dog person.
He is not heartless. Honestly, he really does loves animals. Please pass the gravy.
He always gets rainbow sprinkles on his ice cream when he goes to an ice cream place.
He still dislikes a whole lot.

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