TimMatthiessen was a grad student at UC Davis in the [WWW]Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology. He lived in a nice little house on Mulberry Lane. He moved to Davis from [WWW]UC Santa Cruz. Tim enjoyed running with the Golden Valley Harriers. Tim is also a life-long Unitarian Universalist and attends the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis, as well as the weekly meeting of Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry Group. He, along with other members of the Nutrition Grad Group, attended trivia night at Sophia's regularly.

Tim now lives in Charlottesville, VA, where he did an internship at the University of Virginia Health System to become a Registered Dietitian, and now works at the hospital as a clinical dietitian.

Tim enjoys bicycling and appreciates that Davis has much flatter terrain than Santa Cruz, making it easier to get around. He also enjoys going to the Farmers Market and exploring the miles of bike paths of the Greenbelts.

He and James Colligan have grown an interest in brewing their own beer and have been quite successfull.

You can email Tim at <tmatthie AT ucdavis DOT edu>

first.jpgA photo of Tim in his old trailer at UC Santa Cruz first beer.jpgJames and Tim making a tasty brew.

Graduate Studies

I am researching methods of dietary assessment of children, specifically for its use to evaluate nutrition education programs. My current work involves the use of digital photography as a way to keep a photo record of the foods eaten. If done over time, it may be possible to observe changes in dietary patterns as a result of a curriculum or intervention.

He now has a [WWW]departmental website.

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2008-12-10 15:15:19   from SC huh? What do you think of campus liability during porter field? I like sc cause it has hills to ride on, Davis only has like 4 tiny bumps. I wanted to bomb one of those bike trails on my longboard, but that would have been suicide... You should check out North D greenbelts, they are by far the most expansive. —StevenDaubert

2008-12-18 14:04:23   Yeah the concrete path I think is called nueva sendra, come a litte more east via the canal and then go South past the North D drainage pond, and past the grande school site, and then head back West bound right before you get the hill that goes over Covell for bikes, if you follow that till you get around Casistas appts you are right next to the underpass that takes you back to Nueva sendra green belts!

Yeah, I've noticed they have some police and a water tender with bored looking firemen always, at least they are taking a safe angle, The cops were cracking down on vending without a permit... Even thought they basically bared anyone who wasn't a student from campus, showing up 30 minutes late still had at least 3-4 thousand people...

I think they do something similar in Colorado, and someone filmed the event and gave it to campus admin (who gave it to the police) who then put a reward out for positive id of any students. Needless to say the internet found out and they got literally several hundred thousand "tips" —StevenDaubert

2009-06-29 18:45:16   Are you going to get James to sign up under the username "JamesColligan" now? —JasonAller

2009-07-08 13:18:34   Tim, it's Pan. How do I log onto my JamesColligan profile? —AngryScot86

2009-10-29 04:18:08   Nope. It's a bit of latin and english verse that has been floating around for centuries without any known author. It is something of a mystery, and appears in slight variations as a teaching aide to latin, often referred to as "Carmen Possum". —JabberWokky

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