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Tom Garberson grew up in Livermore, just down the street from LLNL. He's probably radioactive, but figures he can just get a job as a night light if necessary. Tom moved to Davis in 2002 when he started as an undergrad in the Integrated Studies program. He loved living in Tercero B Building with all the other nerds, and still plays Ultimate with a bunch of his old dorm buddies. Keep an out for him on the IM field both spring and fall.

Tom graduated in 2006, having majored in Sociology. He went straight on to law (lawl?) school here at King Hall, picking up his J.D. in 2009. By far his favorite academic pursuit was Moot Court (for which he needs to make a page in the near future...). He served on the Moot Court Board as Publicity Chair (he apparently didn't do a very good job, since he hasn't made a Moot Court page yet) in the '08-'09 school year, and got to represent King Hall at the National First Amendment Moot Court Competition hosted by Vanderbilt University and the [WWW]First Amendment Center, where he and his teammate Sarah McBride made it to the semifinal round. So close!

He met his wife, Rebekka, in 2004 through Integrated Studies. They got married in Aug. 2009 at University Covenant Church before heading over to Pyramid Alehouse for a freaking sweet reception. Rebekka is attending the School of Veterinary Medicine, and Tom is hoping to find a legal job in the area.

Tom and Rebekka now live in West Davis and can be seen walking or running along West Pond or the Aspen Greenbelt many evenings.

Oh, yeah, and Tom would be tickled pink if people stuck random/interesting/amusing links into his profile. Have at it!

This is a parent heading so the ones below won't be orphans!



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2010-01-20 18:39:22   We can change those links into interwiki links like [wiki:sacramento:"Loaves & Fishes"] so those pages will still point to the content, it will just be on Sac Wiki which helps Sac Wiki grow a little bit too. —JasonAller

2010-01-27 14:46:16   Would you mind integrating the alternative point of view into the Featured Page? —PhilipNeustrom

2010-01-27 17:44:07   Flying jets? Best daycare ever! —EdWins

2010-01-27 20:09:01   Tom, I figure you've got a better handle on the license status of a photo like the one you mention and if it is available for use on the wiki given that we use a Creative Commons license and putting it up here without notation about its copyright. On the other hand you could put up notation if it is available for reuse, but not clear to release to CC, or get the owner's permission. Great editing by the way. —JasonAller

2010-01-28 13:33:03   We've had a sudden influx of drama in 2010, but we've also suddenly gotten some really good editors who focus on the content and help everybody evenly (and yes, I know you've been around a long time, but you're much more active lately). Thanks for getting more active. In this man's opinion, you're a great editor. —JabberWokky

2010-01-28 13:43:36   Agreed. Thanks! —EdWins

2010-01-29 01:13:55   okay, but keep in mind that even you sorta think Phillip didn't need to remove it, it has always been in very poor form to touch comments that were not made by you. This is what I take issue with the content has absolutely nothing to do with his faux paus. —StevenDaubert

2010-01-29 15:05:38   Tazzina Bistro has its own Woodland Wiki page, separate from the davis wiki page. —AmLin

2010-01-30 17:24:30   That web<->IRC gateway is hosted on my server. I'll take a look into it (if you know of a better IRC client that runs on the web, let me know!). The channel is up and populated with bursts of activity several times a day these days. Thanks for the heads up about the problem. —JabberWokky

2010-01-31 20:43:50   Sarah and I tried the new Dominoes pizza and bread bowls out here in the frozen lands of the East (last winter, as we're moving soon!). Their bread bowls aren't bad, and are just about big enough for two. The pizza is vastly improved, but not good enough to order again. I wouldn't voice strongly against it in a group order, however. If you liked the new crust, the bread bowls are worth a shot if you're ordering from there. From your review, I don't think I'll try the wings. —JabberWokky

2010-01-31 22:11:38   The IRC client in Opera is very nice. I mostly use irssi, but I think Opera is my favorite graphical IRC client. —NickSchmalenberger

2010-01-31 22:27:59   Have you tried Lamppost Pizza? It was one of my favorite places: big, fresh toppings. The calzone used to be *killer!* I know prices went up sometime after 2007 or 2008, but it's really one of the places I miss most. I ordered the buffalo wings a few times and I think I generally liked them. —EdWins

2010-02-01 10:09:51   Do you know how to get to the [WWW]links for the violation text? (they're broken on the provided page) —PhilipNeustrom

2010-02-02 00:01:21   Thanks! —JabberWokky

2010-02-03 09:50:20   I'm using Chrome. Hunh, maybe it's a Unicode thing. I'll swap them out for graphics. —JabberWokky

2010-02-03 10:14:23   Better? —JabberWokky

2010-02-03 17:56:10   xkcd is CC-BY-NC. Give credit and note the license, and you can use any strip on the wiki. —JabberWokky

2010-02-11 11:05:27   Orphan headers (level n+1 headers where no level n header exists) make baby Jesus cry. =( —WilliamLewis

2010-02-16 14:49:09   Cargo Coffee should help out themselves and their customers by offering a 30 cent discount if you pay by cash. —EdWins

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