Tony is a lecturer in the English department at UCD, and—for better or worse—he has had many of the current DavisWiki users as students at one time or another. He's been around Davis for a while, and he's a big fan of the place, so he enjoys learning new things about the area, and contributing new facts himself. He was once a proud member of the Voorhies F-Bombs Ultimate Frisbee team.

He's also not so sure about writing about himself in the third person...

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2005-07-07 21:45:08   I think you were my TA last summer for Intro to Drama! —SummerSong

2005-07-08 02:18:27   My brother bought an iBook from this guy, and I used it while driving back from Philly since mine was in for recall work. Thanks! —TarZxf

2006-04-09 21:35:57   Hi Tony! I had no idea you were on the wiki! Trust me folks, this guy is good. —JillWeinstein

2009-01-23 18:22:44   Hey, you're my instructor for ENL40! —strawberry

2009-02-10 23:29:21   Guess who... =) See you in class! —MichVan

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