Hi i'm Vicki and i like to do lots of stuff. I play ultimate frisbee and participate in SOS staff this year as well as next year, when i will become publicity. I believe that this is sooooo close to a personal ad, so i refuse to make it for myself. but really, I am cool. too cool for you fool. i also broke my collarbone this year while laying out for the disc. I crashed into someone....*cough MarionEveridge cough*. When I'm not injured, frisbee people call me McSlip because I have issues staying on my feet. Right now i live in Arlington, which, while it is cool, gets a little A crowd, if you know what i mean. Seriously, I've never seen so many girls wake up at 8 am just to get the first tanning rays and stay out til 6 at night to get the last. Its most definetly a Communications major type of area...yeahhhhh...thats ok, they'll all get skin cancer, and then i'll laugh, and i'll have the pool all to myself.


I am also obsessed with photoshop, and i live with my two amazingly awesome roommates Val Henry and Laura Rossmassler. and i also live with Kyle Piper. I pretty much can't get rid of him, and believe me, i've tried. I'm also a compusive online shopper so if you ever IM me (@lilducki0) i'm probably online shopping. or browsing. I'm one of those types that buys underwear to fix apathetic or down days. just like my roommates. its wonderful. i'm also so cool because i started the can't stop eating facebook ground. JOIN IT NOW. and i like taking my time about making decisions, but i make good ones, so i guess its worth it. i'm also really sexy. like u wouldn't believe. really, if you got to know me, you'd be in love with me. i also eat really good food, my roommate has gotten fat from living with me. i'm probably the coolest person i know. ME ME ME I I I WANT WANT WANT NEED NEED NEED! OY OY OY! PS in case you haven't figured it out yet, its really not me writing it, its my roomie. she thinks i'm wonderful. and has a secret plan to marry me. sexy. OOOW! (seriously now, valerie wrote this, not me)

What about your future roommates??? :-) -AbbyLawson

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