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doortodoorock.jpgWill enjoys going door to door rocking on Halloween with people who impersonate Rob Roy

Will Jobe is a figment of everyone's imagination and a crazy bastard to boot. He enjoys a good time. He is a vegetarian unless sushi is around. He unfortunately suffers from being broke a lot of the time, but is working to change that. In his spare time enjoys playing and writing music, sleeping, and spending time with the people he loves. He a drummer currently plays in a yet unnamed Sacramento metal band, and local folk-punk ensemble Sterling Riot. He lives in Slide Hill Park. He plans to move to Santa Cruz after his senior year.

He created The Make Will Not Broke Foundation.

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2007-05-29 19:34:13   Is there any reason that Unidentified couldn't have just had a note added to the page and left it for historical purposes? —JasonAller

2007-07-28 18:05:27   Delete the Delta show that you put on the Events Board, please. It's tomorrow not today. —JasonDunne

2007-11-05 14:17:40   How are you managing to edit this during school hours? —JamesJobe

2008-03-30 23:42:33   Yo Willson,

That show i mentioned is actually tomorrow. Peep davis wi-ki (rhythms with wi-fi) or facebook or myspace for further ddeettz.


there will also be Pattern is movement playing on Tuesday 4/1 at firehaus —JasonDunne

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