IMG_3949.jpgZac, Scoots, Lake, Lucia, Barcelona. Name: Zac Morris
email: <zac.morris AT gmail DOT com>
major: computer science
job: code poet

I'm just another random computer geek who loves riding motorcycles and his girlfriend Lucia. I now live in San Francisco along with every other unoriginal Davis grad. Also, I really like sandwiches. Mmmmmm sandwiches.

I try to live my life according to the great ODB:

Just dance! if you caught up in the holy ghost trance
If you stop! ima put the killer ants in your pants

That may or may not be me bending over for IDB.

According to Lamar Heystek, some people are [WWW]afraid of me.

My stats are not exciting, so here are Arlen's instead:

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2007-02-17 01:30:04   you win with Arlen's statistics —StevenDaubert

2007-11-30 15:00:44   Rumor has it, he is close friends with A.C. Slater. —CodyDuncan

2008-03-14 17:37:42   Hey, I restored the comment on Stonegate Self Storage, as I've seen the guy there abuse customers to tears (literally) and loudly verbally abuse his wife in an office full of people (I'm guessing she is his wife). I really wish I had not given them business, but I was dropping the truck off. We went to Penske for later moves. The comment may (or may not) be exaggerated, but it very sadly seems to fit into my experiences. If you want to call it into question, feel free. —JabberWokky

2008-07-21 08:46:11   aren't you the guy from Saved by the Bell?! :) —AliceChoe

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