I live at Redbone Estates and serve as typescript for LUGOD. If you need help with your computer, please check out NETWeRKS.

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Welcome to the Wiki, aroach. What/where exactly is Redbone Estates? What can it link to and from? A key part of the Wiki is interconnectivity. A page that doesn't have any links leading to it will never be found; one without any outgoing links is a dead end. —TomGarberson

2010-11-16 11:40:02   Hey Tom! Redbone Estates is a page for my rented house. I have not yet finished the page....plenty of links will be provided. Thanks! —aroach12

2011-02-25 17:57:06   Thanks for uploading those DOSiRAK photos! —TomGarberson

2011-02-25 18:54:48   No Problem, Tom. I finally have a decent camera on my phone, so I'm taking full advantage. —aroach12

2011-08-11 13:46:11   Welcome to the party! —TomGarberson

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