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Howdy, Fred! You might want to reconsider your style of editing... editing [WWW]other people's comments is really ''really'' obvious and generally not considered the best type of action around here. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, (615) 517-6900

2008-01-24 08:18:54   Hi Fred, I don't know if you are the one adding the "tips" for Thoreau 206, but if you are- why say all that stuff? You're giving everything away! Just a thought... =) —MyaBrn

2008-02-15 07:31:55   Hey Fred, what's up? Your comment was cryptic...=) —MyaBrn

2008-02-19 08:02:53   Ahhh, I see now. But alas, I'm not a sucssesor. —MyaBrn

2009-11-01 20:53:56   yeah, but the have a deal with coke where the syrup contains more sugar than normal... —StevenDaubert

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