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 * Any of the restaurants listed above.
Payment Methods
Cash only.
[WWW]Email Han

Han Kim is a nerd who enjoys comic books, Magic: the Gathering, [WWW]weight-lifting, and a few other sports. You may find him trying to get the campbellCampbell Wiki up and running. He's also always in the mood for Burgers and Brew. He moved back tocampbellCampbell after graduating and doesn't really check this Wiki as often anymore, but you can email him using [WWW]this form.

If you are a business owner or representative, you might be interested in Han's Wiki services for businesses.

marching.jpgHan marched with the 2008 [WWW]Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets... what a nerd! moonlight.jpgHan sometimes likes to think that he moonlights as a vigilante. come at me bro.jpgHan sighted in [WWW]Australia yaominglaugh.jpg.jpgHan once completed the 49er Club challenge at Vic Stewart's in Walnut Creek which involved eating a 49oz steak. It looked so easy he made a yaominglaugh.jpg face and had some cheesecake afterward.

Former Local Hangout Spots

Although Han is usually a shut-in who lurks [WWW]around [WWW]on campbellthe [WWW]internets, you might have caught him lurking in real life at the following locations:

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