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 * Any of the restaurants listed above.
Payment Methods
Cash only.
[WWW]Email Han

Han Kim is a nerd who enjoys comic books, Magic: the Gathering, [WWW]weight-lifting, and a few other sports. You may find him trying to get the [campbell]Campbell Wiki up and running. He's also always in the mood for Burgers and Brew. He moved back to[campbell]Campbell after graduating and doesn't really check this Wiki as often anymore, but you can email him using [WWW]this form.

If you are a business owner or representative, you might be interested in Han's Wiki services for businesses.

marching.jpgHan marched with the 2008 [WWW]Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets... what a nerd! moonlight.jpgHan sometimes likes to think that he moonlights as a vigilante. come at me bro.jpgHan sighted in [WWW]Australia yaominglaugh.jpg.jpgHan once completed the 49er Club challenge at Vic Stewart's in Walnut Creek which involved eating a 49oz steak. It looked so easy he made a yaominglaugh.jpg face and had some cheesecake afterward.

Former Local Hangout Spots

Although Han is usually a shut-in who lurks [WWW]around [WWW]on [campbell]the [WWW]internets, you might have caught him lurking in real life at the following locations:

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