Jimi has lived in Davis since 1999. Before that he built Earthships in Taos, NM and was in a band called The Jimislice.


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Cool! I'm a big fan of Earthships. Actually, I'm a really big fan of Mike Oehler and his underground houses, but the general concepts are similar, just different iterations arising out of different environments. I really like the earth and tire construction.Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2012-06-04 20:04:57   Also for the record I don't think that a comment from 1 anonymous coward over a sidejob that has nothing to do with Bowerbird should be on that business page. If a side job occurred at all it was thru you and not bowerbird and ergo has nothing to do w/ said business. Also the fact that they never came back and you are still here participating further cements my conclusions that removing that comment (which I did if you click edit history) was the right thing to do. Here is a belated Welcome to the wiki ♥ —StevenDaubert

2012-06-05 11:27:15   Ease up on CP, sir. I was just going to second the migration of yesterday's discussion to a legal threats page, but leaving mean-spirited comments on CP's page doesn't help. Everyone was upset, lets just let things die down. —jefftolentino

2012-06-06 00:27:52   OK, you were there... you didn't answer my question, though. Where's the bullying? Lots of people asked you questions which you ignored. You deleted questions and pages and refused to explain. Why? —TomGarberson

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