Davis resident since 1998.

Hello, fellow Davis Wiki users. I've been around in Davis for a while now, and been a quiet observer in our great wiki project. I suppose it's time for me to share and contribute what I learned so far in Davis.

Favorite places to hang out:
1) M.U. Games Area: You'll see me there shooting pool every now and then.

2) Movies: Because everyone watches movies we like, right?

3) Borders: There's just a whole lot of information to read, and the AC is really nice in the summer.

4) ARC: Working out, and kendo practices.

Favorite places to eat:

1) Sushi Buffets: Fuji, Davis Sushi Buffet, and Nobu. They all have their pluses and minuses, so it comes to the mood of the day.

2) Thai Food: Thai Nakorn, hands down. My favorites here are: Lemon Chicken, Spicy Fish, Duck Curry, and Chicken Pad Thai.

3) Burgers: I'm a fan of Western BBQ Burger. Black Bear Diner has a good one, followed by Carl's Jr.'s Wester Bacon Cheeseburger. Burgers & Brew can do no wrong either. Just ask for their house BBQ sauce. In 'n Out too, just ask for the spread sauce for your fries.

4) Mexican: Dos Coyotes and The Guad.

5) Japanese: Big fan of Osaka, too bad they're not around anymore. Sushi Unlimited lately has been a recent favorite for the bang for the buck.

6) Vietnamese: Hoa Viet. I'd get their Charbroiled pork with Rice, or the vermicelli.

7) Old Tea House: Popcorn chicken, and the milk tea blizzard just seems to hit the spot.

8) Fro Yo: A bit of a mercenary on this one: any of the places are good enough for me.

9) Pizza: I like all the choices in Davis - a bit of a mercenary on this one too.

10) Sandwiches: I'd go for either the Woody at the Beach Hut Deli, or the charbroiled pork sandwich at Sunrise. Can never go wrong with these.

That's all for now, folks.

Feel free to say hi if you see me around town.


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2010-07-23 10:21:50   Hi Michael, and a somewhat belated welcome to the wiki. Thanks for [WWW]clarifying things! —TomGarberson

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