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2009-04-26 21:02:25   Welcome to the Wiki. Please consider the importance of using your RealName. If Asian Massage Therapy is really no longer in business, and they weren't just closed then you can add the [[Include(Departed Business)]] tag to the top of their page. —JasonAller

2009-04-28 11:18:28   I enjoy your restaurant reviews. I like how you seem to know many of the servers/bartenders/etc, it gives it a personal touch that makes me want to re-try places I previously didn't like. —EdWins

2011-09-11 23:08:58   Hopefully you didn't/don't get the food runner fired —ndah100

2013-04-30 22:11:03   Monticello makes French-press coffee, which is why there were fine grounds in your cup. Personally, I like that style of coffee, and I like Pepper Peddler products. I presume they use PP because it's a local roasting company; "local" is a major focal point of their business model. —JudithTruman

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