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2009-10-14 19:35:17   If the police are saying that military IDs aren't acceptable in general, they're wrong. Please read [WWW]California Business & Professions Code section 25660(a).

New military IDs that lack a physical description printed on them would be invalid for the purpose of this statute. However, there are tons of older, valid ID cards that contain a physical description. KetMoRee has turned away people who have presented these older, valid IDs that serve as sufficient age verification under California law.

2009-10-14 21:15:00   How do you explain, then, that what they allegedly said conflicts with the printed law? I've sent some correspondence to the CABC about this matter and we will see how they reply. —WilliamLewis

2009-10-15 19:38:14   I just talked with someone from CABC and what you're saying is wrong. The older military IDs, like the one that KetMoRee's bouncers wrongly rejected that started this mess, have the required information and are perfectly legal for age verification in California. The newer ones aren't acceptable until a new law goes into effect in January. —WilliamLewis

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