Name: Scott McAllister Morgan

I currently live in [sanjose]sanjose.

Former Member of:
Aggie Pack
UC Davis Triathlon Team

I hosted the KDVS radio show "Nerd Alert!" in Fall 2009.

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2007-06-03 19:39:54   I just looked you up in the campus directory. Freshman engineering major? Do you live in K building by any chance? —WilliamLewis

2007-12-05 15:11:35   Hey, if you're car-free and work for the University, take the [WWW]Car-free Campus Pledge during Dec 3-7th and get on the list of UCD people committed to a more sustainable campus. This is for the Jan 31st "Focus on the Nation" event about climate change. —JoRo

2008-03-03 09:29:27   Hi Scott, and thanks for the note on WLBP. IF the band had an instrument corral (with monitors) at the end of the ride, and IF they were part of the ceremonial first batch of bikers, THEN they probably could provide the end-of-ride oompah to go with the hoopla. Also, I understand the need for a structured end to the ride, to assure that the number of riders is documented well — perhaps two entry gates & double the tables at which to surrender your sticker? Final thought (for now?): I don't want to commercialize the experience, but in addition to bumper stickers, how about samples of energy bars and sports drinks at the finish. Lord knows that water & good old raisins and peanuts work — but people are amused by free stuff, and manufacturers like 2,000 members of their "target audience" in one spot. All just thoughts, and nothing happens without someone spending the time & energy. So thank you for yours on Saturday. —DougWalter

2009-04-13 06:27:13   I'm pretty sure Illusions doesn't sell porn. Are you sure about that? —jsogul

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