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2010-07-05 19:07:15   Hello and welcome to the Wiki! You should consider introducing yourself here and maybe creating an identity as doing so will bring more weight to the comments you make. —hankim

2010-07-07 17:10:28   When someone makes comments about the waitstaff at a place like "the antisocial chick with the glasses", but doesn't have the decency to establish some identity on the wiki before making those comments they come off looking like the sort of person who takes potshots at people from the cloak of anonymity. The wiki community is an extension of the Davis community; in both your behavior is a reflection of who you are. The wiki has seen a lot of this and I think it is pushing the general consensus toward changing how the wiki works. If you value the wiki as a local resource behave in a way while you are here that will improve the wiki and ensure its long term survival. —JasonAller

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