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Being born and raised in San Jose, CA, life was pretty easy for the recently turned eighteen-year old, Susan Taing. Even though her city is apart of the Silicon Valley , web pages and autobiographies aren’t really her forte, “But hey, why not try it out she said.” The fall season is spent on the tennis courts.
Wasting away hours at Borders is considered time well spent. She takes a cup of coffee every morning on her way to classes. Coffee is essential.
Frozen yogurt will win her over anytime. Alpha Phi Omega has become her way of life. Her friends are the greatest people you’ll ever meet. Her family is the Asian version of the Brady Bunch.
UC Davis was where she seemed fittingly in. She is focusing on her Biological Sciences major. She’s going to save the world one day…one kid at a time by being a pediatrician, of course.
She doesn’t enjoy eating eggs. Japanese and Thai food are at the top of her charts. The trendy restaurant Straits located in San Jose, CA is one of her favorites. Bike riding is considered an obstacle in her eyes, especially since she doesn’t know how. Riddles and puzzles is what keeps her occupied. Laughing until her stomach aches is a natural thing. Optimism outlines her life. Grey's Anatomy is one of her favorite pass times activities. When the roads are getting tough, she likes to clear her mind by running. She's been inspired by the novel the 5 People You Meet in Heaven.
Overall, she’s just a happy kid. =]


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2008-05-12 21:35:08   hi susan. i've been looking or people to play tennis with. i'm free most evenings, and sometimes during the day. if you're interested, please e-mail me at liberateothers at yahoo dot com. thanks! —JessicaRockwell

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