Instead of using my favorite name, Val, Switched over to my real name LeeY


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2009-06-21 16:51:03   Welcome to Davis, and Welcome to the wiki! —CovertProfessor

2009-11-19 08:57:49   Welcome to the Wiki. Are you the author of Bounty and Savings? I ask because someone commented about [WWW]your edit to the Target page. Balancing out your edits with contributions to the wiki would make it less likely for someone to interpret your edits as just an attempt to drive traffic from the non-commercial wiki to a commercial blog. —JasonAller

2009-11-20 14:38:58   Hi Jason, thanks for the comment! Yes I'm the author of Bounty and Savings, as someone mentioned on the "Target" page, Davis doesn't have a critical mass for people utilizing coupons, and it's a pity, if you look at the amount of money one could save with coupons and sales. N California is among the lowest coupon redemption area in the county and I'm hoping to change that :) No my blog is not a commercial blog - I have affiliates and ads to cover the hours I spend everyday to provide people with deals, hope you understand! I should make more comments on other wiki pages :) —val

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